Batman Arkham Knight is a Mess for PC

Batman Arkham Knight was a mess when the game got released 23 June 2015 there were all sorts of optimization issues, and the game lagged and was unplayable on many PC’s.

The game worked well on the consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. PC Gamers who bought the game or pre-ordered it were furious and raised hell and banished game developer Rocksteady.

The game was even taken down from steam for a long period, and Rocksteady ensured a patch would be released and the game will work fine on PC. The patch got released in September 2015 and solved issues for some PC Gamers while others still suffered from crashes, unplayable frame rates and an un-expected slowdown in some scenes.

Rocksteady said they would fix the game and re-launch it for PC on 28-October-2015, which they did, but the Game is still a mess for some of the PC Gamers. The game is still plagued with several optimizations issues which are causing many PC gamers are a heartache after months of waiting for the new release in vain.

Sorry state of affairs for PC continues with large titles failing the world’s most advanced gaming platform.

Rocksteady (Warner Bros) has issued a statement on Steam 1-2 days back after the release of the game on 28th October 2015.

We are very sorry that many of our customers continue to be unhappy with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. We worked hard to get the game to live up to the standard you deserve but understand that many of you are still experiencing issues.” – Warner Bros interactive entertainment wrote on its Steam Page.

Warner Bros has issued the statement that gamer’s who have bought the game can ask for a full refund will be given back money and if you have bought the seasons pass you can return that too. For gamer’s who would not like to take a refund, Rocksteady will continue to try and fix issues with the PC version of the game.

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Updated 05 September 2015 – New Patch released: When you have high hopes from something, and it is a while you have been waiting eagerly to get it, and when it comes it is as useless as it can be. How bad you feel, that is what happened yet again with the PC Gamers who pre-ordered or bought the latest Batman Arkham Knight for PC.


Batman Arkham Knights got a patch to fix the game for the steam beta users, as per the recent reports.  The Batman Arkham Knight was a mess when it was shipped for PC; now the developer uploaded a patch on for the gamers who have signed for Steam Games Beta Testing.

The patch resolved majority of the issues and gamers are getting 60 FPS in the game as reported on Steam Forum.

The feedback on the new Batman Arkham Patch is a mixed response from Gamers, Some gamers are happy that the game has finally got fixed while others are still getting sub-optimal performance on 1080P running the game with Nvidia GTX 980 Ti.

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Earlier Story – Batman Arkham Knight is A Mess

Batman Arkham Knight is a Mess for PC
Batman Arkham Knight is a Mess for PC

The Game is a mess right now with bugs, FPS drops, unplayable even with our mighty GTX 970 and even more poor on the AMD 290X. The game developer Rocksteady has withdrawn the game from steam due to the back lash of PC Gamers and more due to the steam policy of refund where you can ask for a refund for the recent game purchased by you. The game got released on 23-06-2015 globally for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Update – 17-July-2015

As per the recent updates, the Batman Arkham Knight is not going to be fixed for PC Gamers any sooner. The expected timeline for the re-release of Batman Arkham Knight for PC is September 2015, or it may even go beyond that.

Statement from EB Games Australia – As previously advised, we have stopped sales of Batman: Arkham Knight PC while Warner and Rocksteady work on addressing performance issues with the game. The latest information is that updates won’t be available until Spring. Due to this, we have made the difficult decision to recall all PC stock from stores to return to the vendor until an acceptable solution is released.

The game is working well for the console Gamers who bought the game for the XBox One and the PS4. They are happy playing the game on the launch day and sharing very positive reviews about the game action and immersive graphic details. PC Gamers are frustrated world over, and there has been a backlash about the uncooked version sold by the Rocksteady studio.

Though Rocksteady had issued a statement apologizing about the PC game issues we are shocked. How can they release such a bad port out PC game in the market? Nvidia released the updated drivers for the game, and it also uses the Nvidia Game works program which makes graphics better for the Nvidia Graphics card owners.

PC Gamers Comments About the Game ” A complete mess atm for PC , the performance and optimization of the game is very very bad the game is locked at 30 fps which is a shocker u can edit the ini file but even if u unlock it its useless no matter what u do the frame rate will still dip below 30fps , there is huge amounts of stuttering both in gameplay n video cutscenes . Note changing the Ini.file may cause ur game to crash constanly and mess up the physics wouldnt recommend doing that “

Another PC Gamer Comment “fps is all over the place sometime steady 70+ sometimes low 50’s framerate drops are very constant on both system n in some cases it will dip down to 5 to 10 fps for eg like driving gliding etc .conclusion its extremely bad pc port Rocksteady has just shot themself in the foot all i can say. for people who have purchased the game for the console like PS4 n Xbox One will have zero issues cos the game runs flawless on those machines”

The Game has serious issues With Frame rates Drop, Optimization, Stutter Bugs and crashes. Yet another next gen game that has screwed up the PC version as it has to be scaled down for Consoles. Suggest to wait for 1 month or 2 before making a Purchase. Steam is flooded with complaints. They will fix it but this ianother mess like AC unity. Hurts when you are a fan of the Batman Series.

There is huge back lash on the community forum for the Batman Arkham Knights – You can read more about What PC Gamers are saying about the Batman Arkham Knights Here.

The Statement Issued By The Rocksteady – Apology about the Poor Game Performance and Asks the Buyers to ask for Refund or wait patiently till issues are solved.

batman arkham knight should u buy it
Batman Arkham Knight is a Mess for PC

PC Gamers have vent out there anger on Amazon, Flipkart reviews and advised other gamers not to buy the game for at least 1-2 months till issues are fixed by the developer. On Reddit and Facebook and most of the gaming, forums are flooded with complaints, and it is called as another Assassin’s Creed Unity for PC.

PC Gamers are the most fanatic, passionate and cult followers, who spend tons of money on Graphics cards, Motherboards, monitors, and RAM along with other accessories which cost a fortune and what they are getting, in the end, are useless crap. I am not saying the game is terrible or that Rocksteady will not fix the issues, but such poor game releases have killed the whole buying experience for the PC Gamers.

The game is pulled out of Steam due to the huge amount of complaints and refund requests, but it is still selling in stores, buyers to be cautious before purchasing the game. Rocksteady could have delayed the release on the PC, for few weeks or months, that would have saved everyone the pain of first buying and then downloading it and wasting hours to fix and finally getting frustrated and returning the game.

The GTA 5 – yes it was almost a year late for PC, but when it got released O Boy game was liked by millions of PC Gamers. If your product is not ready, be brave to stall it, don’t sell junk to PC Gamers.

Should You Buy the Batman Arkham Knight for PC – Answer is Big NO, till most of the issues are sorted by the developer.

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  1. its not working nw even ….1 fps while gliding
    intel 3.4 ghz i5 4670 or 1110 (forgort)

    Asus Nvidia Geforce Gtx960

    6 gb ddr3 ram

    any way to fix it …i tried .ini trick but doest work

  2. Its not a mess its noting ….its crazy u should uploud this article before 2 days and now i m enjoying the game at 1 to 0 fps …


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