6 Best Air Coolers in India (2021) Under 5000, 10000 (Price List, Details)

Top 6 Best Air Coolers in India to Beat the Summer Heat

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Air conditioners are in huge demand due to the soaring summer temperatures. Of course, they are costly, and once fixed, you can not move them without professional help.

If you want an affordable Cooling solution to beat the summer heat, Air Coolers are the next best thing.

The Air cooler is convenient and affordable.

The price for a typical Air Cooler is in the Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000, but if you are looking for cooling a big Area you may want to get a bigger cooler that will be slightly more expensive. 

The Air Coolers consume far less electricity than an AC and also in comparison to a Windows AC are available at one-third the price.

There are two types of Air Coolers:

1) Personal Cooler

The personal coolers are suitable for small and medium-sized rooms. Can not be used in an open place.

Area chart – Room size between 150 sq ft. to 300 sq ft.

2) Desert Cooler

The desert coolers are for the larger area. They can even be used in an open place like a terrace and backyards.

Area chart – Space more than 300 sq ft.

The below image will help you to measure the area of your room.

Key features to keep in mind before buying the air cooler:

  • Water Tank Capacity
  • Air-Flow
  • Cooling Pads
  • Type of Cooler
  • Noise Level
  • Power Consumption
  • Additional features (dust/mosquito filter, remote control, etc.)

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Top 3 reason Why air coolers are better than the air conditioner:

Reasons Air Coolers Air Conditioners
Affordability Cheaper Costly
Electricity Consumption 0.2 unit in an hour Consumes 1.2-1.5 unit in an hour
Air conditioner consumes nearly 85% more electricity compared to air coolers
Air Quality Air coolers pull the fresh air and offer great and good quality of the cooling effect. The air conditioner circulates the internal air repeatedly, thus the air dries up. You will not get fresh air.

The key benefit of having an Aircondition is better Cooling and there is no hassle of filling it with water.

Here is the list of the best Air Coolers in India. Let’s discuss their features and specifications in detail. You can buy the Cooler based on your budget. 

Bajaj MD2020 54-litres Window Air Cooler 

Model no – MD 2020

price-tag-icon Price – ₹ 6,890

Bajaj 54L air cooler

Specs-smartphones -icon Key Specification:

  • Capacity – 54 liters
  • Ideal for – up to 400 sq ft. room size
  • MaxCool technology
  • Typhoon Blower
  • 3 Speed control
  • Powerful Air throw
  • Super Air delivery
  • ThermoPlastic body material
  • Dimension – 695*555*565 mm
  • Power Consumption – 230 Watts

Bajaj MD 2020 air cooler offers good Air Flow that ensures the cooling of the entire room. This air cooler has a water tank capacity of 54 liters.

The MaxCool technology offers wood wool cooling for efficient cooling to ensure that it is effective even during high summer temperatures.

It is quite an energy-efficient machine and uses only 230 watts of power.

Besides, It comes with 3 level speed blower control that adjusts the airflow accordingly.

The Typhoon blower technology provides a soothing cooling and refreshing experience.

Like icon PROS:

✔️ Elegant design with efficient cooling

✔️ Includes Conventional grass

✔️Easy to open and clean 

Dislike icon CONS:

 ❌  Bit noisy due to blower

Overall Rating:
  • Value for Money – 3.5/5
  • Noise level – 3/5
  • Regulated Movement – 2.5/5
  • Comfort – 2.5/5

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Orient Electric Smartcool :

Model no – DX CP1601H 

Price – ₹ 6,999

Orient 16L air cooler

Specs-smartphones -icon Key Specification:

  • Capacity – Available in 16L/ 20L/ 35L
  • Personal Air cooler
  • ABS plastic body material
  • Remote controlled
  • Honey Comb pads
  • 3 -speed control
  • Inverter compatible
  • Cools up to 14 sqm and delivers 1300m3/hr air
  • Ice compartment
  • Features Auto water fill
  • Dimension – 460*340*660 mm
  • Power Consumption – 140 Watts

The Orient air cooler comes with lots of alluring features. This includes dust filter, 4-way cooling, anti-rust warranty, durable body, ice chamber, and inverter compatibility.

The densest honeycomb cooling pads offer 25% more cooling and 45% water retention. It has a 3-speed motor so that you can enjoy the air delivery as per the requirements.

Now, you don’t have to worry about power cuts as the Orient air cooler gives you an uninterrupted cooling experience with its inverter compatibility.

The caster wheels make it more portable. The 4-ways cooling motorized vertical oscillating louvers give all-way effective cooling in the room.

It holds a specially designed net that protects from mosquitoes and dust particles.

Like icon PROS:

✔️ Great cooling

✔️ Easy controls

✔️ Compact and portable

✔️ Very Low Power Consumption

Dislike icon CONS:

 ❌ Average customer service

Overall Rating:
  • Light Weight – 3.9/5
  • Value for Money – 3.2/5
  • Noise level – 2.9/5
  • Regulated Movement – 2.9/5

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Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler :

Model no – ACGC-DAC555 

price-tag-iconPrice of 55L – ₹ 9,499

Crompton Ozone 55L air cooler

Specs-smartphones -icon Key Specification:

  • Capacity – Available in 55L/ 75L/ 88L
  • Plastic build material
  • Separate Ice chamber
  • 4250 cm/h,  50 Ft air throw
  • Ideal for up to 550 sq ft. 
  • 4-way air deflection 
  • HoneyComb pads
  • Inverter compatibility
  • Rust free chassis
  • Dimension – 231*372*540 mm
  • Power consumption – 190 Watts

The Crompton Ozone Desert air cooler produces a pleasant cool breeze that relaxes during hot weather.

Let’s check on the features and specifications of the Crompton air cooler.

The 55L capacity cooler has a sleek design with portability traits.

The separate ice chamber is capable of delivering an ultimate cooling experience.

It has wood wool cooling pads, which enhances water retention.

Besides, It gives a better cooling experience with 4250m3/hr air throw.

This cooler can chill the area of up to 500 square feet.

The motorized louvers ensure 4-way effective cooling.

The inverter compatibility makes it more convenient. The rust-free body with smooth exteriors can be cleaned with ease using the cloth.

Like icon PROS:

✔️ Excellent cooling

✔️ Durable

✔️ Automatic movable inner swing strip

Dislike icon CONS:

 ❌ Short power cable

 ❌ Noisier at higher levels

Overall Rating:
  • Light Weight – 4.1/5
  • Value for Money – 3.7/5
  • Durability – 3.7/5
  • Regulated Movement – 3.6/5

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Usha Dynamo 50DD1 Desert Cooler :

  • Model no – LX CD 508 

price-tag-icon Price of 50L – ₹ 10,490

Usha Dynamo 50L air cooler

Specs-smartphones -icon Key Specification:

  • Capacity – Available in 50L/ 70L / 90L
  • PP plastic material body
  • 3600 m3/hr airflow
  • 5 blade fan for dynamic air delivery
  • Honeycomb pads
  • Inverter compatible
  • Auto tank fill
  • Dimension – 1090*465*700 mm
  • Power consumption – 190 Watts

The Usha Dynamo gives a powerful performance and has good airflow, dynamic air delivery, and lower power consumption.

The air cooler facilitates the control with the 3-speed levels. These levels you can set manually.

The 4-way air depletion technology chills each corner of your room. The airflow of 3600 m3/hr gives a faster cooling effect.

The 5 blade fan dynamically spreads air across the room so that you can feel the fresh breeze even when away from it.

It comes with 3 sided honeycomb cooling pads that retain more water to offer excellent and effective cooling.

The Usha air cooler features auto tank fill and has motorized vertical louvers for all-way efficient cooling.

Usha Dynamo has inverter compatibility, so you don’t have to worry anymore when the power cuts.

Like icon PROS:

✔️ Great and effective cooling

✔️ Sturdy and durable

✔️ Portable

Dislike icon CONS:

 ❌ No ice tray

Overall Rating:
  • Remote Control – 3.4/5
  • Value for Money – 3.9/5
  • Noise level – 3.9/5
  • Regulated Movement – 2.8/5

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Symphony Siesta Desert Air Cooler :

Model no – Siesta 70XL – G

price-tag-icon Price – ₹ 11,650

Symphony Siesta 70L air cooler

Specs-smartphones -icon Key Specification:

  • Capacity – 70 liters
  • Plastic built material
  • Ideal for 34 sq meters room area
  • Knob control type
  • Powerful pump
  • Desert form factor
  • Empty water tank alarm
  • Aspen honeycomb cooling pads
  • 16 inches fan
  • 3 levels speed
  • Dimension – 618*505*1115
  • Power Consumption – 150 Watts

The Symphony Siesta has a massive 70 liters water capacity tank.

It features an empty water tank alarm so that you don’t have to check the tank every time the water is low.

The air cooler can cover and effectively cools the area of 34 square meters. This cooling machine is suitable for dry weather conditions.

It has a 16 inches fan that assures adequate airflow in each corner of the room.

The specially designed cooler grills make it useful for a longer time. The dura-pump technology ensures the durability of the pumps.

The high-efficiency pads come with a cool flow dispenser that gives sufficient cooling. It contains easy-to-use dial knob controls.

It comes equipped with automatic vertical swings oscillators that cool the entire room in a short time.

The sturdy wheels of the cooler allow easy mobility.

Like icon PROS:

✔️ Excellent cooling 

✔️ Light-weight and durable

✔️ Good build quality

Dislike icon CONS:

 ❌ Finishing is not pleasing

Overall Rating:
  • Light Weight – 3.9/5
  • Value for Money – 3.9/5
  • Remote control – 3.2/5
  • Timer Function – 3.1/5

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Symphony Sumo Desert Air Cooler:

Model no – Sumo 75 XL

price-tag-icon Price – ₹ 13,450

Symphony Sumo 75L air cooler

Specs-smartphones -icon Key Specification:

  • Capacity – 75 liters
  • Plastic body material
  • Knob control type
  • Ideal for up to 37 sq meters room
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • i-Pure console powering with multistage air purification
  • Specially designed air fan
  • Dimension – 480*707*1073 mm
  • Power consumption – 185 Watts

The Symphony Sumo air cooler comes with a huge water tank of 75 liters capacity. The powerful Sumo air cooler has a specially designed air fan for satisfactory cooling at every place in the room.

The 3-sided honeycomb pads have to offer superior cooling by retaining more water.

The Symphony Sumo air cooler is ideal for rooms up to 37 square meters. It can be used inside as well as outside of the home likewise – terrace, backyard, etc.

The strong and durable castor wheels present the machine as portable. This quality makes it easy to move anywhere.

The easy-fill feature assures hassle-free water filling and a long-time cooling experience. The pumps work on dura-pump technology that assures the long life of the water pumps. The cool flow dispenser and automatic vertical swing provide better air throw.

The dial knob controls are convenient – allow you to control the fan speed, cooling, and swing modes easily.

Like icon PROS:

✔️ Wonderful cooling effect

✔️ Portable and light-weight

✔️ Good build quality

Dislike icon CONS:

 ❌ Bit noisy

Overall Rating:
  • Durability – 3.5/5
  • Value for Money – 3.3/5
  • Noise level – 2.8/5
  • Remote Control – 1.2/5

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