Best Gaming Laptop under Rs 70000

Lenovo 510 Best Gaming Laptop under Rs 70000

If you are searching to buy a laptop which gives you both power and performance and not burns a hole in the pocket, the Lenovo 510 is the ultimate choice.

There are many choices when it comes to buying gadgets. I do thorough research for months & only review & recommend out of hundreds of products which I find I would buy and spend my money on and offer the best value for money.

If you are into gaming and want to play the latest titles like watchdogs, Crysis3, Battlefield 3 and Assassin Creed Black Flag your search ends here.

For those who are not into gaming but want it for light work on CAD/CAM video editing, this machine is capable to handle what you throw at it within some limits.

Those of you who want a general purpose laptop and not into gaming you can also buy this for the superb features you get. My advice will be to look out for other options which can save you some money.

Review Lenovo 510 (59-390016) Best Gaming Laptop under Rs 70000  2014 

I was tracking this Laptop on Flipkart for some months & they recently dropped its price from 74,000 to 70,000. You can check with the local dealers & will be able to buy it between 68,000 to 71,000 with some local discounts and bargaining.

Build & Design: This gaming laptop has distinguishing texture on the surface that helps in gripping  & also keep fingerprints away. The laptop has a glossy screen with high resolution and true colors display which makes the FHD more lively.

The JBL speakers and the red backlit keyboard makes this machine meaner and gives a high-end look. Overall build quality and heat sink design is good and functional at the same time.

While gaming, heating of laptop is always an issue with Lenovo 510 this is minimized with good design of heat sink. In the past, I have used Samsung laptop with GT 650M and experienced a lot of heating issues and thermal throttling as the design didn’t allow for efficient heat transfer.

Specifications – Best Gaming Laptop under Rs 70000 Lenovo 510p

 Screen – This a good piece of hardware if you are looking for a laptop to play games and watch movies, surf internet and listen to music. The video screen resolution of 1920* 1080 makes it ideal for watching movies and surfing internet.

Audio -The audio speakers by JBL are astonishingly good for a laptop. You can actually listen to music on laptop without using external speakers as well. The sound is clear and crisp and I would say JBL has done justice with the sound system of the laptop.

Lenovo 510

Touchpad – as shared by some of the buyers it is troublesome but as far as I tested the laptop I found it ok not the best but it was working well so no issue on that as well.

Ultra Bay – The laptop is SLI enabled which means you can add a second graphics card with this. You can even use dual graphics card if you are able to buy the second graphics card for the ultra-bay.

*Availability of second graphics Card: I searched for the second card even contacted Lenovo India but they don’t have it. Nothing to be disappointed about, option to import it from eBay global is open if you badly want to use sli function to gain 40 to 50% performance. This feature gives this laptop functional power and freedom to upgrade for future gaming requirements. You may check the availability of second graphics card before buying it.

Battery Performance:- I found battery performance to be standard on the laptop with all the power requirements from GT 755m and the processor it lasted 3.3 hours with a normal operation of watching online videos and surfing internet.


Best Gaming Laptop under Rs 70000


Graphics Card – The heart of this machine which makes it special and my reason to recommend this to everyone. The key component is the graphics card which sets it apart from all other laptops in the same range usually we see a GT-730M or a GT-740M with Dell or Lenovo laptops.

Lenovo 510p has NVidia GT750M or most likely the new ones are shipped with GT755M which is slightly better in performance, you can expect it to be at least 7-8% faster than GT750M. Key difference in both the cards is core clock GT750 M runs @ 967 while GT 755M runs @ 980 and memory speed is also more in 755M. Expect a 3-5 FPS difference in both the cards at least.

Best Gaming Laptop under Rs 70000

Gta 4

The laptop is capable to run games like CRYSIS 3(medium/high), SKYRIM(high), ASSASINS CREED BLACK FLAG(medium/high), DOTA2(Ultra) with Antialiasing on the lower side and some other less demanding titles on High and Ultra as well with the latest Nvidia Drivers.

(My Advice keep the drivers updated but use stable ones all drivers are not optimized for all games and graphics cards so testing is always helpful)

Game Play Video Crysis 3 The most punishing game

 Crysis 3 on lenovo y510

Graphics settings are shown at start, Resolution 1920* 1080, Texture resolution high, AA low  1x.

Gameplay with fraps – Average 32 FPS.

Conclusion (Best Gaming Laptop under Rs 70000) – I would recommend this laptop as best gaming laptop over others in similar price range as the graphics card, screen resolution and JBL speakers with IVth Gen Intel Haswell Quad core 4700 processor and superior build quality makes this beast very good value for the money.

Also, you may choose to buy a slightly less expensive Laptop with the same configuration but essential is to check for thermal design before you buy also read about heating issues which is the most frustrating factor with gaming laptops. For Rs. 70,000 this laptop will give you good return on the money & very great gaming experience.

Please give feedback in the comments below I would highly appreciate your views and would include that in next reviews of the best value for money gadgets I recommend.

Note:- Though the GT 755M is a very capable card but don’t expect it match the performance of a Desktop card like R9 280X or Nvidia GTX 770. You will be unsatisfied with all a GT 750M or GT 755M can only deliver what is capable of. You will not be able to play crisis 3 on ultra or very high settings with a GT-755M, medium or high it can deliver by using the full capacity of hardware…

Now if you are also in two minds whether you should buy a Gaming Laptop or a Gaming PC here is Guide which tells you what to choose & Why?

** Source:- Primary and secondary research (Research time – 3-4 weeks)

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