8 Best Kitchen Chimney in India (Under 10000, Under 15000) : Buying Guide, Specs details, and Performance

Are you looking for the best kitchen chimney in India Under Rs 10000 India? That keeps your kitchen clean, fresh, cool, smoke-free, and odorless.

We have got the best chimneys for your kitchen that are available at affordable prices.

First-time buyers may have difficulty understanding Chimneys as these come with several functions and features. So to make the buying process easier, I am sharing some basics that will help you make the right decision.

The chimneys are becoming an essential part of the kitchen nowadays and help remove the heat and make it easier to work in hot weather.

Things to consider before buying a kitchen chimney:

  • Filter Types
  • Types of Chimney
  • Suction Power
  • Size
  • Design
  • Ducting

Let's start with Filters - these are present inside the Chimney that helps absorb the particles and oil present in the smoke from the burner and food.

Filters also help your kitchen walls to stay clean, and there are no deposits on the tiles and kitchen walls.

Types of Kitchen Chimney Filters:

1.Cassette / MESH Filter:

Cassette chimney filter

This type of filter is made from aluminum mesh. It has tiny holes to trap particles. The gap between the mesh allows airflow.

The oil particles plugged the mesh and may affect your Chimney's suction power. You need to clean your filter once a week or fortnightly with detergent to keep it functioning. Very easy to clean and maintain.

2. Baffle Filter:

Baffle filter

A baffle filter is made of overlapping layers of aluminum or stainless steel. This layer changes the direction of airflow. Thus, this method divides oil and spice particles from the air.

This filter will not affect the suction power of the Chimney. It is well suited in Indian kitchens doing a lot of frying.

Hence, it is required to clean the baffle filter once in 3 months to maintain its performance. It is straightforward to clean and maintain baffle filters, durable.

3. Charcoal Filter:

carbon filter

The charcoal filter is made up of black charcoal. This type of filter is mainly used to absorb the smell of the food.

It has a layer of charcoal granules. This filter is optional and can be used with a baffle or cassette filter.

Depending on the intensity of your cooking, the charcoal filter needs to be replaced for 3 to 6 months. It is not present in all Chimneys and comes along with the above two filters.

There are two types of Chimney's:

1. Convectional

This type of Chimney is used for the kitchen. They are straight-line models made up of stainless steel material.

The convectional chimneys are cheaper comparatively.

2. Contemporary

This is the designer chimney used in modular kitchens. Contemporary chimneys are made up of glass and crystals of various colors.

Generally used for style, and these look super cool.

Let's get through the list of the best chimneys available in India. We will start with the most basic and affordable Chimneys and gradually move to premium and high-capacity chimneys.

1. BLOWOUT 60 Cms Ariel Chimney:

Price: ₹ 5490

BlowHot kitchen chimney


  • Control Type - Push control
  • Blower Type - Plastic
  • Noiseless than 59 dBA
  • Suction Power - 800 m3/h
  • Type - Wall-mounted
  • Size - 60 cms
  • Filter Type - Baffle
  • Available colors - Black and Silver
  • Weight - 7kg
  • Warranty - 5 years

BlowHot chimneys are manufactured in India. These chimneys make your cooking easy by reducing the smoke and heat in the kitchen.

The contemporary design of the Chimney makes your kitchen look fantastic.

The BlowHot Chimney is shockproof. It has LED lamps and carries the operation without making much noise.

This machine is wall-mounted that can easily fit on your kitchen wall. Also, it is not huge and acquires less space in your kitchen.

It uses a Baffle Filter, so it doesn't require frequent cleaning.

The baffle filter sends the smoke directly to the outlet, keeping the kitchen smoke-free. The two LED lamps enlighten your cooktop.

The device has easy push controls. They are handy.


  • Affordable
  • Good mechanism
  • Great customer care service


  • No oil collector
  • No Led Controls

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2. Faber 60 cm 1000 m³/HR Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

Price: ₹ 7490

Best Kitchen Chimney in India Under Rs 10000
Best Kitchen Chimney in India Under Rs 10000 From Faber


  • Control Type - Push control
  • Noise - 52 dBA
  • Suction capacity - 1000 m3/ hr
  • Type - Pyramid with Wall-mounted
  • Size - 60 cms
  • Suction Power - 1000 m3/h
  • Filter Type - 3-layer Baffle filter
  • Available colors - Black
  • Weight - 7kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption - 180 Watts
  • Warranty - 12 years on motor, one year on product

The Faber kitchen chimney has 60 cm in length and is a pyramid-type chimney. The device has push-button controls that are very convenient and easy to use.

This Chimney is wall mounted and is suitable for 2 to 4 burner stoves. It will allow you to carry out heavy frying. It performs the suction operation well.

Faber provides three layers of baffle filter. This technology will enhance the performance by sucking all the smoke and oil particles released from your cooking.

The design of the Faber kitchen chimney will enhance your kitchen appearance with its elegant look.


  • Good Suction Power
  • Good customer care service
  • Engaging design


  • No LED Touch Controls
  • Bit noisy when operated in entire power operations

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3. Glen 60cm 1000 m3/h Pyramid Wall Mount Kitchen Chimney:

Price: ₹ 7,680

Glen 60 cm kitchen chimney


  • Control Type - Push control
  • Noise - 58 dBA
  • High RPM motor with fine reinforced plastic housing
  • 40 Watts LED bulb
  • Stainless steel built
  • Suction capacity - 1000 m3/ hr
  • Type - Pyramid with Wall-mounted
  • Size - 60 cms
  • Filter Type - Baffle filter
  • Available colors - Silver
  • Weight - 7kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption - 230 Watts
  • Warranty - 7 years on motor, one year on product

Keep your kitchen free from smoke, fumes, and smell with the Glen kitchen chimneys. It offers you high suction, efficient cleaning, and low noise operation.

The Chimney comes with a clean Steel look and manual push-button controls. It has a decent layout with maximum airflow and an efficient baffle filter.

The machine has high suction power of 1000 m3/hr. It is powered by a trusted Italian motor with a 7-year warranty. Also, Glen has a good service network in India, and you can quickly get the after-sales service in most of the cities.

It allows the Chimney to work smoothly and to operate most finely. It cuts down the noise level when the Chimney is in operation mode.

Get a bright light on your cooktop with the 40W twin LED bulbs.


  • Good performance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Durable


  • No-touch Sensitive buttons and LED indicators

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4. Inalsa Auto Clean, Motion Sensor Filterless Kitchen Chimney:

Price: ₹ 8,695

inalsa autoclean kitchen chimney


  • Control Type - Push control
  • Thermal auto clean
  • Noise - 65 dB
  • Type - Curved glass with sidewall mounting
  • Size - 60 cms
  • Filterless Chimney
  • Three-speed setting with LED light
  • Suction power - 1250 m3/hr
  • Available colors - Black
  • Warranty - 7 years on motor, two years on product

The Inalsa Chimney, with all-black looks and touch control, makes your kitchen look fantastic.

Chimney's work for years, so buying a bit more stylish & expensive Chimney may pay off over the years.

It has attractive features and an impressive performance. The Chimeny allows you a dust-free and oil-free cooking experience.

Also, Inalsa is a known brand and makes some excellent Air Fryers and other products.

The Chimney gives you convenient touch controls. It has auto-clean technology. Thus, this will solve the cleaning issues of your Chimney with just one touch.

The sticky oil particles collect inside the Chimney and get placed in the oil collector below. It is straightforward to clean.

Also, it comes with Motion Sense technology making it convenient to operate with gesture support without touching the Chimney.

The filterless technology works on motion sensor features. It controls your Chimney without direct physical contact. The LED lighting below the wall mount allows you to see better in the dark.


  • Good suction power
  • Motion sensor performs greatly
  • Oil collector is handy
  • Amazing auto-clean feature


  • The noise level is a bit high

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5. Glen 60cm, 1000 m3/h Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney:

Price: ₹ 7,995

Glen curved glass kitchen chimney


  • Control Type - Push control
  • Noise - 58 dB
  • 3 stage speed setting
  • LED bulb
  • Stainless steel built
  • Suction capacity - 1000 m3/ hr
  • Type - Curved glass with Wall-mounted
  • Size - 60 cms
  • Filter Type - Baffle filter
  • Available colors - Black
  • Weight - 14 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption - 155 Watts
  • Warranty - 7 years on motor, one year on product

Best Kitchen Chimney in India Under Rs 10000 From Glen - The Glen curved glass chimney comes 60 cm in length. It is elegantly crafted with stainless steel build and perfect union with tempered curved glass.

This Chimney is a bit expensive, but the build quality is premium.

It comes with handy push-button controls and LED lights. The cooker hood ensures maximum airflow with the next-generation baffle filters.

In seconds, the powerful suction of 1000 m3/hr drags away all the oil particles and smoke. This gives you a clean and fresh kitchen experience.

The Italian copper motor with a thermal overload protector switches off when excessive heat is caused. The fan is made up with utmost safety using flame-resistant plastic.

The Chimney is very easy to clean as the advanced airflow technology doesn't allow the oily deposits to choke the filter.


  • Stainless steel build
  • Good performance
  • Long Warranty Period


  • Average Suction Power.

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6. Eurodomo 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Price: ₹ 10,450

Eurodomo 90 cm kitchen chimney

Eurodomo electric kitchen chimney makes your Kitchen smoke-free so that you can enjoy your cooking more.

The elegant body has curved glass with an auto-clean chamber with black finishing.

The chimney has 90 cm in size and comes with a massive 1200 m3/hr suction power. It modernizes your kitchen by ensuring smoke-free cooking.

Additionally, the chimney comes with a high-quality stainless steel baffle filter that draws down oil, smoke, and residues particles. Thus, this filter demands less cleaning and a long life with trouble-free working.

It has two LED bulbs so that your cooking area gets bright lights that offer easy and great cooking.

Moreover, for convenience, the Eurodomo kitchen chimney has touch controls with a digital display.


  • Control Type – Touch control
  • Noise – 58 dBA
  • Suction capacity – 1200 m3/ hr
  • Type – Pyramid with Wall-mounted
  • Size – 90 cms
  • Filter Type – Baffle filter
  • Available colors – Black
  • Weight – 12 kg
  • Annual Energy Consumption – 180 Watts
  • Heat Auto clean function with oil collector
  • LED lights with elegant body
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor


  • Stainless steel build with LED lights
  • Works with minimal sound
  • Convenient touch controls


  • Average warranty period

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7. Inalsa 60 cm 1250 m³/hr Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney:

Price: ₹12,999

Inalsa Chimney 1500
Inalsa Chimney 1500

This one offers us a better premium build, touch panel for controls, a curved glass along with high suction power.

The Inalsa trident chimney model is worth buying. It gives you a smokeless and odor-free cooking experience. You won't be worried about smoke even doing deep frying.

The stainless steel baffle filter captures the oil and cooking odors and provides excellent airflow. It has 1250 m3/hr suction power. This technology keeps your kitchen fresh when cooking.

The auto-clean technology by Inalsa Trident chimney resolves all the cleaning issues. The oil particles are collected in the oil collector chamber. This chamber is easy to clean.

You can on/off LED lights with touch control. This 2W LED lightens your cooktop. The touch control panel allows you to set 3 stages of fan speed.

Now, you can wipe the filter grease with ease. Due to this, the risk of fires is reduced. If the oil is not cleaned and maintained, it could be harmful. So the company takes good care of it.


  • Type - Curved glass with wall mount
  • Size - 60 cm
  • Suction capacity - 1500 m3/hr
  • Filter - Stainless steel baffle filter
  • Control type - touch control
  • Black powder coated
  • Supports auto clean
  • Noise level - 65 dB
  • Power Consumption - 160 W
  • Weight - 15 kg
  • Warranty - 7 years on motor, two years on product


  • Great features at an affordable rate
  • Great suction power
  • Easy to maintain


  • Bit noisy

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8. Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney:

Price: ₹ 10,990

Hindware Elen 60 kitchen chimney


  • Type - Curved glass with wall mount
  • Size - 60 cm
  • Blower Type - Metallic
  • Suction capacity - 1100 m3/hr
  • Filter - Stainless steel Baffle filter
  • Thermal auto-clean
  • Control type - Push-button control
  • Noise level - 58 dB
  • Power Consumption - 200 W
  • Weight - 15.2 kg
  • Warranty - 5 years on motor, one year on product

The Hindware chimneys are the best choice if you are not tight on your budget. The Hindware Elena 60 auto-clean chimney enhances the cooking experience.

The cook hood comes 60 cm in length. It carries stainless steel baffles filters that ensure maximum airflow.

It has a metallic oil collector cup that collects oily particles. You can easily clean and maintain it.

There are two energy-efficient LED lamps. These lamps lighten your cooktop and make it easy for you to look even in the dark. The convenient push-button controls are convenient.

The Elen chimney model by Hindware gives you a smoke-free, fresh, and clean kitchen.


  • Good suction power
  • Easy to maintain
  • Overall performance is great


  • Hindware should improve customer care service

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