Best New Game Releases May 16 PS4 XB1 And PC

Here is a list of new Games which are set to release in May 2016 on either PlayStation 4, X-Box One and PC.  Many other titles are coming but here are some of the best games we think are going to offer adrenaline-pumping gameplay in the summer heat of May’16.

Let’s start with exhilarating BattleBorn developed by legendary game developer GearBox which is coming out on 3rd May 2016.


Best New Game Releases May 16 PS4 XB1 And PC

The developer GearBox has been around in gaming industry for years making ports for Half-Life, their lesser known IP like Brothers In Arms and makers of the infamous game: Duke Nukem Forever, whose franchise rights they have been fighting to gain back (one might wonder why). But they only came to become a familiar name amongst the gamers after their unexpected breakout hit franchise Borderlands.

Following its success, they plan to hit it big with an arena-MOBA genre game called Battleborn., which they labeled as Hero Shooter. The team behind both of the Borderlands are working on it and no wonder its art style is similar and seeks inspiration from quirky Borderlands humor combined with gameplay elements from Mobas.

While the copycats Mobas have stopped a bit, a new breed of it are slowly testing the waters, other bog contender being  Paragon.

Battleborn takes place in a space setting fantasy, in which every species fled to a star known as Solus after a disastrous event destroyed most other planets and stars in the universe, it features more than 25 playable characters, and will also have a separate Single player Campaign to go along with the arena-based multiplayer.

Battleborn is going to be released on 3rd May on PS4, XB1, and PC.


Best New Game Releases May 16 PS4 XB1 And PC

Now that all Assassins Creed assets are cleared, Uncharted 4 is finally here. A franchise inspired by Indiana Jones, which has raised the bar for spectacular choreographed action scenes to immersive storytelling in the gaming industry. Made by none other than Naughty Dogs, whom you should remember for making The Last of Us in recent memory. Uncharted 4 is the final entry to the franchise.

Be ready for a heartfelt story, with incredible performances by veteran voice actors like Nolan North, Troy Baker and unravel the untouched mystery treasures of this world in this action – adventure game, while coming in terms with your love and life. Naughty Dog has promised a conclusive end to this extraordinary franchise.

Gameplay has evolved into multi traversing grounds, with gunfights shifting from place to place as the game sets the perfect balance between cinematic moments and gunfights. It’s no wonder Uncharted four is set to break all previous uncharted records.

Uncharted 4 will be available on 10th May exclusively on PS4.


New Game Releases May 16 PS4 XB1 And PC

From many fantastic games to one mediocre movie and countless other media adaptions, DOOM is back!, and this time it’s in caps. A franchise which singlehandedly introduced first person shooters to gaming which were previously dominated by platformers, its legacy is known to everybody.

Now returning with its fourth mainline installment after 12 years, it is turning heads with its amazing graphics, a fast-paced campaign and a journey to hell and back, all drenched in blood and gore while snapping demon skulls with your bare hands in seamless in game executions.

Id Software, the developer of DOOM, has promised a fine 13-hour long campaign. And it’s multiplayer taking the cues from halo, and the unreal tournament is proving to be good enough and will ensure much support through the help of snap maps where any users can create their own maps for deathmatches.

We all will be DOOM’ed on 13th May, on PS4, XB1, and PC.


Best New Game Releases May 16 PS4 XB1 And PC

Don’t feel bad if you have not heard of this game. This IP has changed so many hands before coming to fruition that no had believed it will ever come out.

Starting from THQ’s Kaos studio, the developing responsibility was given to Crytek UK, but after the THQ’s bankruptcy,  Crytek acquired it, which he would again sell the IP rights to Koch Media – Deep Silver, who charged Dambuster Studios to complete the game. Finally, in 2014, Deep Silver announced the game to be in active production and will be released soon.

Setting aside from its predecessor, Homefront: The Revolution became an open world game. The story consists of North Korean winning over the United States, and you play as Ethan Brady who is a member of the remaining resistance attempting to retake Philadelphia.

The open world is powered by Crytek engine and is beautiful and full of side missions, weapon fragments that you can complete to modify your weapons. The city of Philadelphia is divided into three segments which indicate increased Korean army forces, and you can roam “free” in this oppressed world in your bike in the first person. The game also features a multiplayer.

Homefront: the Revolution is set to release on 17th May on PS4, XB1, and PC.


New Game Releases May 16 PS4 XB1 And PC

From the veins of Team Fortress and the charm of Blizzard, comes a game that is almost set to be the next biggest thing ever, called Overwatch. It is the first completely new franchise from Blizzard in 18 years, and they have a habit of laying nothing but golden eggs.

A class-based system of (Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support) from mostly first-person perspective, it is directly aimed to woo the Team Fortress crowd which has proved big money for valve before. With extra steps taken by Blizzard to flesh out the story and the universe in this only multiplayer game, with constant story trailers, characters backstory, and comics, they show blizzard doesn’t do something they don’t have  100% confidence in.

With years of learning to balance online games like Starcraft, Warcraft and recent Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, you can expect a fine-tuned, balanced online match from these industry veterans.

The gameplay features squad-based combat with two opposing teams of six players each. Players can switch between characters in-game following deaths, which is encouraged by the game’s overall design. It’s three main game modes till now are, Assault, Escort, and Control.

Overwatch is set to release on 24th May on PS4, XB1, and PC.

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