I am a big fan of the Iron Man movies and Destiny game, and here comes another treat for people who love these.

With the starting of development news in 2015, and a short gameplay teaser at EA 2017 conference, the full gameplay for Bioware’s New IP was unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year. Though it can still be termed as very short in terms of details revealed.

Being a Bioware game we still have no idea whatsoever what the story is all about – which is crazy if you think about it.

Bioware's Anthem Game

All we know is, this is another huge game in the Destiny-esque MMO (Massively multiplayer online games (MMO) Shooter genre which has been crazy successful for every publisher that has tried the formula. Warframe the game set the basics of this stuff, however it was Bungie’s Destiny that launches this into the forefront of the gaming scene. Ubisoft’s Division had seen ample success if you compare it to other non-MMO similar 60$ priced games.

And Ubisoft’s Division had seen ample success if you compare it to other non-MMO similar 60$ priced games. And frankly, the amount of gameplay value coming out of this formula is astounding, which is why it’s not really a surprise why Gamers have embraced this genre completely.

Bioware's Anthem Game

But it is not easy, an MMO undertaking like Warframe, Division, Destiny and now ANTHEM isn’t every developer’s forte. So let’s see how Bioware’s new IP ANTHEM will fare against the game that started all this. However the details are slim at best, we will have to manage it for now.

  • The Game features Mech Suits called JAVELINS which works as your character’s Class. The Ranger which we see the in the trailer as your main focus is a well-balanced suit while the grenade launcher suit named Colossus is a tank class.
  • There is a free flight in the game with the freedom to traverse anywhere.
  • Whole Mech Suits are customizable which will down the line separate your mechs from another. Different weapon parts can be strip and added to give you external functions.
  • LOOT! – As always will be the driving force of an RPG MMO Shooter game like this. Easy to predict they will go the route of Destiny with this.

Multiplayer is going to be a huge focus for this game. So Single Player Campaign lovers will have to wait for more information regarding this because generally, a MP focused game have a story at its weakest point. But being a Bioware game certainly, counts for something.

ANTHEM will be available on PS4, XB1 and PC.

Releasing in FALL 2018. (It either will be a year-end holiday game which is risky or will slip into the March 2019 for a safe launch for a new IP).

Check the GamePlay Trailer for Anthem, I am already in Love with the new title…

Written By – Shubhendu Singh

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