Business Laptop You Want to Buy in 2016 : Lenovo X1 Yoga

Lenovo has unveiled the new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga- the worlds first laptop with OLED ( Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display.

Business Laptop You Want to Buy in 2016

It is the mean machine you would love to use. It comes with 6th Gen Intel Skylake U series processor and up to 16 GB of ram it can make lot of fast machines look slow.

The Laptop is revealed ahead of CES 2016 by Lenovo. The Lenovo X1 Yoga comes with 2K (2560*1440) resolution OLED display and has a screen size of 14 inches. This is the first laptop to use OLED technology which offers good contrast and brightness compared to the IPS LCD counterparts.

In 2013 an interview given to Goldman Sachs, Tim Cook said that the OLED displays are awful and compared to retina display offers poor color reproduction.

However lot have changed since 2013. Last 2 years have seen the OLED displays evolve and current gen smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have the OLED display.

The Laptop comes with ultra thin design and measures 0.66 inches (16.7 mm) , it is quite portable with weight of just 1.27 Kg. It is one of the lightest 14 inch laptops you can purchase. The price for the X1 Yoga laptop is around $1499 for the OLED display model. We can expect it to be priced above Rs 1 lakh in India.


There is an IPS LCD version of the Yoga X1 which will be cheaper by $200 but you will miss the deeper blacks and higher color gamut of the OLED display on that. It is great to see the OLED technology making it to Laptops.

X1 Yoga Features

The X1 Yoga comes with flexible hinges and you can rotate the laptop and make it a tent for watching videos and movies, or to stylise it as a tablet.

It also comes with a stylus which can be docked below the keyboard and it gets charged so can be used when needed.  The other great aspect for the Yoga X1 is it’s keyboard. It has contoured soft touch keys something your fingers would love to type on.

The keyboard is spill resistance and you need not worry if liquid falls on the keys. The other old but useful feature trackpoint is still available on the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga.


The Lenovo X1 Yoga will be available with Core i5 and Core i7 Intel Skylake processor, along with 16 GB of Ram.

Also, it comes with the PCIe SSD, which are much faster in comparison to the normal SSD found in most laptops. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2015 started with the ultra fast PCIe SSD’s.

The Lenovo X1 Yoga will ship with the Windows 10 operating system and will have support for USB 3.0, micro-sd and a 4G LTE Snapdragon modem.

Lastly, the laptop will be available for purchase in April 2016. However, It is a good contender for a top business laptop with tough fight from the Apple Macbook Pro and the Dell XPS 13.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga

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