Buy Freedom 251 Cheapest Smartphone in World Price Rs 251

Sounds crazy but it is true the cheapest smartphone in India was launched today at a very affordable price point of Rs. 251. The smartphone is made by a Noida based company Ringing Bells which is not much known in the smartphone arena.

Ringing Bells is founded in 2015 and the company has got probably the largest subsidy from the government if they plan to sell the smartphone at just Rs. 251. The cost of assembling the device in India will exceed Rs. 2000 at least as per the industry analyst so it is mostly subsidized as claims the Ringing bells in it’s two full page ad in Times of India.

Buy Freedom 251 Cheapest Smartphone in World Price Rs 251

The smartphone is not only India’s most affordable smartphone but also is the cheapest smartphone in the world. Chinese may have become jealous at least seeing the sub $4 pricing on the new Freedom 251.

Earlier it was rumored to be priced at Rs. 500 but later on we got a confirmation that the smartphone is priced at Rs 251. The smartphone will get unveiled today by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi in Noida.

The Freedom 251 bookings will start from 18th February 6 am and will continue till 21st February 8.00 PM , unfortunately the smartphone deliveries will happen in June which is quite a long period to wait.

The link to book the smartphone is not yet shared but we will update the article as we get the update link to book the mobile. We will also book one of the freedom 251 to see how it works.

Ringing Bells says in a newspaper ad that the smartphone is part of the P.M. Narendra Modi’s digital India Initiative and is heavily subsidized to make the smartphone super affordable for masses in India whom government wish to bring on to digital platform and taste the Internet.

Before the Freedom 251 there were Akash tablets launched by the Indian government at the time of Congress in power, though it was a good initiative, it was not successful to bring much social change.

Smartphones are something which everyone desire whether living in urban India or rural and internet connectivity with WhatsApp and Facebook are changing the way people interact and stay connected.

It can be a great move for bringing the masses to start the online journey with affordable priced smartphone.

The specs for the smartphone are very good considering the cost of handset and we hope the device functions properly and enable lakhs of needy people to come online and learn and discover new things.

Here are some Actual Pictures of the Freedom 250 – It looks different compared to the earlier Images released by Ringing Bells.

Buy Freedom 251 Cheapest Smartphone in World Price Rs 251

Buy Freedom 251 Cheapest Smartphone in World Price Rs 251

Key Specs for the Freedom 251 Smartphone

  • Screen Size – 4.0 inch
  • Processor – 1.3 Ghz Quad Core SOC
  • RAM – 1 GB RAM
  • 3G/2G Support – Yes
  • OS – Android
  • Battery – 1450 mAH
  • Rear Camera – 3.2 Mega Pixel
  • Front Camera – 0.3 MP
  • Internal Storage – 8 GB
  • Expandable – 32 GB using Micro Sd Card
  • Price Rs 251
  • Availability – June 2016

The smartphone is quite similar to the Adcom IKON 4 smartphone which is priced close to Rs. 4,000 and does have a resemblance to the iPhone 6.


We definitely don’t want the free basics from Facebook but such moves from Indian government are much appreciated. Provided the tax payers money is utilized in effective way to deliver decent product for needy and not become a money laundering funnel for politicians to siphon millions of dollars through such initiatives.

You can visit the official website – or the to know about more details and registrations.

A Note to Candytech readers – We are not sure about this company as of yet, there is no information about the founders on their official website. Buyer should always practice due diligence before giving money, it may or may not turn out to be a fraud venture. You may get your smartphone or may not.

Is it worth the gamble to just put in Rs. 291 , that you have to decide.

It is actually not possible to sell a smartphone for this price as the cost of components itself is higher than at least Rs. 3000.

Then how and why they  are selling it cheaper ?

There is only 1 reason for it, they are getting the hype and marketing for free, the amount of publicity this gimmick has done is at least 10X more than the amount promoters have spent on newspaper Ads and giving literally free smartphones.

If they would have bought prime time TV ads and blogging and website space to do a story on the phone , it would have costed them over 100 crores which they would have managed in less than 10 Crores with this amazing marketing strategy.

I can bet this will go into the case study in B-Schools 2 years down the line named as – How to do disruptive marketing in true sense! 


  1. i cant buy it as my page after filling all the things don’t show any thing i am stuck please help me

  2. Bro I just dint understand y people r against free basics …from fb…its gud…that to get free internet y u guys r against this……plzz explain me… 😉

    • it is a long debate and there are very strong reasons why TRAI banned it. It is matter of intentions. When Tata made NANO and said they would give a car for 1 lakh we praised it. But when someone do it to get fame world wide overnight I am a bit skeptical of such things which sound too good to be true .


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