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Clean Master Speed up your Android Smartphone

Clean Master Can Speed up your Android Smartphone 

A Must have free cleaner APP for Android users to clean Residual files, Cache data, Tasks, Temp files, and history.

Clean Master  till date 100,000,000 Downloads on PlayStore.  It comes with 4 Advantages Prevent your Phone from becoming slow, saves memory space and increase protection against viruses & malware, creates Apps backup.

clean master

  • Version: 1.21
  • Size: 600KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free 

Clean master is a wonderful App and offers beneficial functions. In fact, Android OS should have something similar to manage the OS and to help users have a better experience.

Benefits of Using Clean Master

1). Saves Space (Junk Files Deletion)

  • Clear Cache.
  • Residual Files.
  • Removes Obsolete Apk’s.

It can help save 100 MB to 1 GB or more space depending upon the junk files size. On our test run on the Nexus, it cleared 523 MB of space. The majority was from cache files, Instagram, Youtube and Flipboard offline content that we didn’t need.

2). Memory Boost

It helps to free RAM  taken up by idle processes such as your mobile browser email client, Facebook. Although Android uses and manages memory efficiently, at times apps misbehave and it can be useful to stop those apps from causing memory drain. Also, the Clean master gives a warning when memory usage is high. You can enable or disable this feature in settings.

Furthermore, it helps in freeing the Ram especially beneficial when you plan to start a game, and the phone needs more ram.

3). Security and privacy

Clean master Speed up your android smartphone

 Protects with the following features

  • Malware Scanning.
  • Internet Protection.
  • System protection.

The App also helps you clean up any virus or malware, that your phone may be affected. Notably, Android phones don’t require an antivirus like iOS or OSX.

4). App Manager

Furthermore, in case, you have apps that are not getting uninstalled. It helps in uninstalling these rogue apps. You can also take a backup of your apps and restore them.

Concluding thoughts

You can do multiple setting changes to make it less intervening. At times it is intruding too much and feel like uninstalling the App.

Also, you can make some functions manual, so it doesn’t show any notifications.

Overall the app has excellent performance, neat design and interface. I find it very easy to work and understand.

It can be used by a pro as well as novice user to keep their mobiles free from huge built up of cache, log or residual files. Even free up memory from time to time.

You can uninstall the app when not required and re-install it agian whenever you find your smartphone slowing down.

Also, You can Download Clean Master APP From Playstore.

Overall we give this app 4.5  Stars and recommend this to every Android user. 

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