CoronaVirus – Origin, Spread, Deaths, Stats, Precautions, Myths, Impact

For days, I have been reading 100s of articles, forwards, messages and videos. In this article, I want to share some of the relevant information and insights to help fellow netizens manage the outbreak and have a clear understanding of what is happening. 


A novel Virus that has brought a halt in almost every part of the world. It is now addressed as Sars-Cov-2 and it causes the disease Covid-19.  Let’s first start with the origin of this deadly virus.

The epicenter of this deadly virus was a wet market in Wuhan city in China. It not only ingested just an entire city but infected as much as 81,171 people there as per “”. 

The Virus has similarities to the SARs virus that was first recognized in 2003. The origin of the Coronavirus is from a species of Bats (the only flying mammal). Typically, viruses from other animals don’t infect humans but the Sars-Cov-2 is different. 

It started from the Bats and then made its way to humans either by eating the bats or indirectly by another animal that got it from Bats fecal matter and mutated to adapt to the host. Chinese are notorious for eating Bats, Dogs, Cats and many other animals that are usually not eaten elsewhere. 

The Lies and Propaganda

The Corona Virus or as Trump calls it a Chinese Virus is now spread in most of the countries and causing havoc. China has denied that the Virus originated from the country and in fact blamed the US for the Virus. The initial cases were hidden, the whistleblowers were silenced (read about Dr. Li Wenliang) and China has not allowed the discussion on the matter in the UN.

It is shameful for the Chinese authorities to blame the US soldiers (reported by for the outbreak in Wuhan, rather than taking responsibility and helping others.

Lijian Zhao – The Spokesperson & Deputy Director-General, Information Department, Foreign Ministry of China has been using the current situation to run the propaganda machinery. (Check Lijian’s Twitter account to understand more.)
Also, it is sad that China is helping Pakistan and not India at such a difficult time when we have millions stranded on the roads and have a lack of medical facilities.  Jack Ma (one of the richest man in China) recently tweeted this and you can see how they have excluded India from any relief.

We Indians provide so much of business to the Chinese yet they are helping Pakistan/others but excluding India from relief. It is not the people of China who are at fault but the Chinese government.
We Indians need to dig and do more research on this and think do we need to support Chinese brands in the future?


After the spread in Wuhan (China) the Chinese government initially tried to cover up the disease. The WHO was not informed about the disease till 31st December 2019 whereas the spread started in early November. 

The Virus affects the lower respiratory system of humans and impacts the lungs. So far, there is no cure for the virus and it is liking its new hosts – humans. 

Based on the research data, the virus can spread from people who are infected (either showing any symptoms or even not). The spread is possible from touching surfaces that have the virus and even directly from one person to another. 

Most of the countries are now in a state of lockdown including India with its 1.3 billion people. The US now reports the highest number of infected people and Italy continues to report the highest number of deaths. 

It is now a global pandemic as it spread to 190 countries across the world: to name a few, Italy, the USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea and now India is under its threat. According to WHO, the global pandemic has recorded a total of 334,981 confirmed cases, 14,652 deaths globally as of 24th March 2020. 

On 29th March 2020 (morning), we now have 664,590 confirmed cases and 30,890 global deaths. The number of infected and deaths have doubled in just 4 days.  

Fight Against Corona

Alessia Bonari, who works at Milan’s Grosseto HJospital,
Bruised By Wearing Masks – Alessia Bonari, who works at Milan’s Grosseto J Hospital in Italy

Each country is trying its best to fight the deadly virus and India too is taking absolute protective measures to curb its rise in the country.

The latest (on 29th March) we know is 987 positive Covid -19 cases and 25 deaths occurred over last few days in India as per the country-wise stats given by”

We must spread as much awareness and contribute our bit in this worldwide emergency. Government authorities are being very responsible and taking tough precautionary measures. All social gatherings, schools, restaurants, malls, cinemas are shut down to promote self-quarantine. The nation has witnessed a lockdown across majorly 30 states also the capital and other UT.  

As no vaccination is available so far, we can only help by staying safe ourselves and spreading the word of awareness. Also, it becomes our responsibility to stop the unauthentic information flow.

Preventive measures and Precautions:

  1. Wash your hands every time you touch something that might be a source of fomite. The best practice is to repeatedly wash hands covering every inch for a good 20 seconds. Also, avoid touching your eyes nose or mouth frequently so even if the slightest possible chances of any virus being present on your hands, you better wash it away rather than allowing to enter the body.
  2. Hand Sanitization is the next big thing after handwash. If you are out and can’t wash your hands, keep an alcohol-based sanitizer handy to fight the harmful virus.
  3. Even if you have to step out of the house, do not forget to wear a mask. The mask will act as a shield for any unintentional direct contact and will keep you safe from any virus that might be present in the surroundings from entering your body.
  4. Self Quarantine: In this hour of safety and precautions, the best way is social-distancing. Do not step outside the house until its really unavoidable. Be responsible and do not mistake this lockdown as a time to holiday and socialize. 
  5. Most importantly if you tend to experience any of the symptoms that may be caused by the virus i.e. dry cough, fever, tiredness or difficulty in breathing, reach out for a medical check-up ASAP and avoid coming in contact with your family for 14 days as a precaution.
  6. Read More at Official Website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Stats in India

The deadly virus is showing exponential growth as of now. But it would not be wrong to say that India has been a little lucky and wise than other countries in handling this global outbreak situation as we got a chance to learn from others’ mistakes. We have wisely came out in solidarity in social distancing. 

Let us take a look at the graph:

Total Cases and Deaths Coronavirus India
Total Cases and Deaths Coronavirus India

Updated – 29th March – 987 positive Covid -19 cases and 25 deaths

Myth Busters

  1. No, a hot water bath will not prevent the Coronavirus disease.
  2. No, CoronaVirus cannot spread due to mosquito bites.
  3. Hand Dryers are not effective in killing the CoronaVirus.
  4. Pneumonia vaccines will not prevent infection with a Coronavirus.
  5. It only risks the life of the elderly. It can impact young and middle-aged persons. However, the elderly or anyone having cardio history or a diabetic will display less immunity than a normal healthy person and are at higher risk. 
  6. We cannot treat Coronavirus using antibiotics as they are ineffective for viruses but work for bacterial infections.
  7. Extreme cold or heat will kill the virus, it is unproven. 

Myth Busters Source – WHO

All these myths and a lot more information are circulating on various social networking sites that have no grounds to prove the point. So along with the virus, ensure safety from the wrong information spread.

P.S – At we have taken extreme care when collecting and sharing information for this article to keep it fact-based and prevent the spread of misinformation.

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Written By – Harpreet Kaur

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