Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Launched for 4599

Written on 02/Jan/2017 updated in Jan 2018

Corsair has launched the new Corsair K55 Gaming keyboard priced at Rs. 4599. The keyboard comes with RGB (Red-Green-Blue) lighting effects and has a 2-year warranty.

The Keyboard will be available in India both Online as well as offline.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Launched for 4599

Corsair K55 is one of the cheapest Gaming keyboards with back-lit keys. The Corsair K55 Keyboard comes with 3 Zone lighting effects and there are over 10 presets to choose from. The affordable gaming keyboard is meant for first-time high-end Keyboard buyers. It is ideal for Gamers looking for that extra bit of performance from their keyboard, without breaking the bank.

The Corsair K55 RGB is not a Mechanical Keyboard. The Look and feel of the keyboard depict Mechanical keyboard build, but it does not come with mechanical switches.

Usually, the mechanical keyboards are priced over Rs. 8000 in the Indian market and some of the high-end keyboards can cost over 25K. We have reviewed the Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard (Rs. 12000+) and it was a good experience playing and typing on it.

The Corsair K55 looks as premium as some of the Mechanical keyboards we have reviewed, like the Cooler Master Rapid-i or even the G.Skill KM 570. Off course those are more expensive.

Top Features

The Corsair K55 has 6 programmable Keys (G1 to G6) which can be handy to assign specific functions where ever needed. The Keyboard comes with a palm rest (detachable) which is usually present only in some of the high-end keyboards.


The keyboard comes with multi-key anti-ghosting and has dedicated media and volume keys.  The keyboard features 8 key roll-overs and has a rubber tangle-free cable.  There is no need for software to change the lighting effects, the keyboard is plug and play.

There is numeric keys on the right side of the keyboard and the macro keys are located on the left. The K55 weighs .88 Kg which seems to be much less than most gaming keyboards.  Overall it is a decent and affordable option for Gamers who are on tight budget but want to but a cool gaming keyboard with some cool RGB lighting.

But if you have the budget, I would suggest going for a Mechanical keyboard. There are many reasons to buy a mechanical keyboard over a membrane keyboard you can read about Mechanical keyboards here.  Or if You want to buy the cheapest Mechanical keyboard for typing or gaming you can read about it here (Cheapest Mechanical keyboard in India).

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