CyanogenMod OS Will No Longer be Officially Supported : What Next

What Next – Cyanogen Inc. has finally pulled the plug, on the CyanogenMod OS. The CyanogenMod OS is one of the most popular custom ROM’s and lot of developers build their custom builds on the source code from Cyanogen. It also means the death of the most stable and widely followed custom Rom in the world.

The company has announced in a blog post that all the Cyanogenmod services will be shut down and the nightlies builds will also be stopped from 31st December 2016.

CyanogenMod OS Will No Longer be Officially Supported

As per the statement shared by the Cyanogen Inc on their Blog

As part of the ongoing consolidation of Cyanogen, all services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds will be discontinued no later than 12/31/16. The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally.

That essentially means that developers can still use the source code and build their own ROMS. After years of trouble, at the company, finally the blow is delivered and the company has decided to cease all development work on the Cyanogenmod OS and block all the resources currently used in the development.

Cyanogen shot to fame when they partnered with the OnePlus, and also featured in some more smartphones like the Lenovo Zuk Z1 and the Micromax Yureka in India.

While the custom Rom has been popular for last 8 years, and active developers out there on XDA have used their builds to fork new and innovative custom ROM.  As part of the consolidation company has announced that the founder and key person behind the CyanogenMod (Steve Kondik), would be leaving the organization.

With these changes, Cyanogen has separated ties with Steve Kondik, allowing him to continue to forge his path as he sees fit. We wish him the best of luck in his next venture.

Cyanogen current CEO stated in a blog post that they are looking for consolidation and are moving their manpower resources to a single place, Palo Alto.

Earlier this week I shared the plan to consolidate Cyanogen’s sites into a single team in Palo Alto by the end of the year, offering the Seattle employees an option to relocate to California.

Next is Lineage OS

Cyanogen’s “reorganization” efforts, we’ve seen Kirk McMaster being ousted as CEO and replaced by Lior Tal, and  later on the company announced that they are coming with new Lineage OS. The Lineage OS will be managed by Steve Kondik, and the OS will be a similar effort like the original CyanogenMod OS. The CyanogenMod OS will shut down and the Lineage OS will take it’s place but the success again depends on the amount of work done by team and number of devices supported by the new OS.

The CyanogenMod was always having a bumpy ride, when they publicly bashed the OnePlus and suddenly abandoned the project, there were sign of trouble. They tied up with the Micromax Yu venture and suddenly after sometime the Yu smartphones came without the CyanogenMod. Hinting at not everything was well at the start-up.

Though we can call this failure of management or can call it hard luck. When all pieces of puzzle don’t fit together, despite how much you try, and the best way forward is to seek separate paths like some of the co-founders at the Cyanogen Inc has done. Let’s see what happens in the future and does the Lineage OS gets success like the CyanogenMod. I tool feel a bit saddened by the exit of the largest development project as it was one of the first ROM, I flashed on my Samsung S2.

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