Dell XPS 12 Takes On Apple iPAD Pro and Surface 4

Dell is gearing up for the launch of it’s next line of devices and the XPS 12 the 2 in 1 tablet and laptop is going to take on the recently launched 12.9 inch Apple iPAd Pro which also comes with support for the Pencil (Stylus) and the smart keyboard which comes separately with the iPAd Pro.

Dell XPS 12 Takes On Apple iPAD Pro and Surface 4

The New Dell XPS 12 is going to feature the infinity touch screen edge to edge display with an incredible display resolution of 3840*2160 ( 4K ).

Dell XPS 13 has been a run away success powered by Windows 10 has become the Apple Macbook Pro and OSX.

Lot of users are finding the Dell XPS 13 line of laptops really functional and apt for business users due to strong integration of Office suite.

Even Apple got Microsoft guys this time to the Keynote to showcase the iPad Pro actually works well with the Office for mac well.

Leaked Specs Image

Dell XPS 12 Takes On Apple iPAD Pro and Surface 4

The Dell XPS 12 will also come with the magnetic connectors to connect the screen to the keyboard and can be detached when it is supposed to work like a tablet.

It will feature Windows 10 with Cortana integration and will also come with the dell precision stylus to make it fairly easy to work as a tablet.

The Laptop will also have the 8 MP rear facing camera and a 5 MP front facing camera for video chat and selfies.

Dell is promising a 10 hour battery life and a thunderbolt 3 port on the new Dell XPS.

The keyboard on the Dell XPS 12 is going to be back light with ambient sensors which will lit it up in case of low or no light conditions.

Microsoft is also gearing to launch the Microsoft Surface 4 2- in-1 devices in October and Apple already has launched the iPad Pro, it  is going to be a tough fight for best 2 in 1 device once we have all the 3 gadgets.

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