Destiny 2 For PC to Release in 2017 – Delights PC Gamers

 With the very first revealing, PC players were requesting this game on PC resulting in numerous petition. However the urge of gamers might have changed after the reviews and the full release went through, but looks like Bungie is pulling their ace and putting the game sequel on PC coming 2017.

During an internal presentation, Activision informed their employees that Destiny 2 will be headed to PC. The strong indication came from user benny_a, long time insider – Shinobi602, and some little tidbits from Kotaku themselves.

Destiny 2 For PC to Release in 2017

A fresh start with a Sequel

 The Activision-owned studio Vicarious Visions is also helping out on Destiny 2, which Kotaku insiders had heard from somewhere before too. The game from The Taken King expansion has not been released on last gen consoles so Bungie will no longer will be restricted to the limited memory allocation. Bungie is trying to make Destiny 2 a completely different game, which might even mean leaving old planets, activities and even characters behind. Destiny 2 could be a lot different than what people expect from a sequel, almost a new fresh start with a more story focused game.

Yes, if you understood that – it means that you might not be able to use your existing character or its progress into the next game. Though they claim bungie might do something to award the Destiny 1 players.

Better Social areas, Open World and Side Quests.

Destiny 2 might finally will get populated areas like towns and shops with more stuff to do with side quests, and no be feeling like the barren Patrol Missions of now. They could be called “Play-in Destinations” or Playspaces. Major changes in story is on board too. The meeting hinted towards more plot pacing and structure.

Cabal race will be a major focus with Saturn planet coming into play – which could be the biggest play area compared to all the social areas compared right now in Destiny, which isn’t saying much to be honest. But if it is filled with reason and rhyme to be on Saturn which looks like there would be, then it can be worthwhile experience.

The Game engine is going on a major overhaul too. Though not yet confirmed if because of removing memory limits does this new engine would be radically different or not. More so, it could be possible Bungie wont shut down previous games servers and the next iteration would be able to support its own crowd.

We however highly doubt Acitivison would consider this route but as of now, all we know is it was discussed at some point in the meeting.  Highmoon Studios will also be helping in Destiny 2.

That is all, and we can only guess what will happen to already existing classes. We know there will be new enemies and maybe new planets coming up with expansions/post-content. Whether the Titan, Warlock and Hunter would be extended or scraped for new versions altogether.

Written By – Shubhendu Singh. 

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