Dota 2 18 Million Dollar Tournament Delayed By DDOS Attack

The most popular gaming extravaganza got disturbed and delayed due to a recent attack by some hackers invasion on the tournament servers. The DOTA organizer valve confirmed the DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) in front of thousands of viewers and stated it as the reason for the delay.

DDOS Attack Disrupts Gaming Tournament

Dota 2 18 Million Dollar Tournament Delayed By DDOS Attack

Unlike the good old days when the tournaments were secured in a LAN environment, DOTA 2 competition requires the competition servers to connect with external DOTA servers to function which creates vulnerability.

It is a multi-million dollar tournament which gets streamed in Twitch, youtube and even in theaters in the US and other countries. They will need to push up the security measures, after all, it is not a trifling local college gaming tournament.

Dota 2 18 Million Dollar Tournament Delayed By DDOS Attack

DOTA 2 Tournament is the Largest Gaming Tournament in the World

The Dota 2 tournament is the biggest tournament in the world for e-sports or online gaming.   The international tournament is funded by the money from the compendium sales and 25% of all receipts for sales go into funding the tournament. Dota 2 is the most played game online and last month had an incredible 11 million Gamers hooked on the game.

The Tournament takes place in KeyArena at Seattle Center, the US and this year it kicked off on 3rd August and will continue till 8 th August when the grand finale will take place.

The prize for the number 1 team in the tournament is a whopping 6.1 million dollars (in the Indian currency is equivalent to Rs. 3.6 crores) a lot more than many CEO’s earns in a year.

The e-sport has taken off in the US and Europe, India is still in the stone age as far as e-sports and gaming competitions are concerned.

There are 16 teams which are going head to head in the tournament and the names of the teams are as follows :

Dota 2 current ranking chart

The Prize Money Division is going to be based on the following chart as per the official Dota Website.

The prize pool for Dota 2 2015 tournament

The game is played 5 on 5 and the winning teams take the glory and the bounty with them.  The Saturday final is going to be the grand event which will also be streamed in 400 theaters in the US. You can watch that live on the twitch DOTA Channel. You can Watch Dota 2 Games Live.

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