Download Windows 10 for Pirated Windows Too : Microsoft

Microsoft – As per the recent statement released by Microsoft, it will give a free update of Windows 10 to nongenuine (pirated) users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft is planning to release the new Windows 10 in Summer of 2015, the date is yet not disclosed.

Download Windows 10 for Pirated Windows Too

The move is aimed at bringing all the nongenuine users also to the windows 10 platform and cross-sell some of the other Microsoft products like office online to these nongenuine users. It is reported that China has around 75% of users having a nongenuine copy of windows running the situation is also similar for most south-east Asians countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka.

Windows 10 is expected to launch this summer in 190 countries and 111 different languages.

A free upgrade for anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. The new Operating system is designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and PCs and to offer a more consistent experience across different devices so that you can continue your work which you were doing on your tablet when you switch to your smartphone/Laptop.

Windows 10 Will Come to Android Smartphones.

In addition to the above announcement Windows 10, will also be available to some of the Android smartphones.

Microsoft has tied up with the Chinese conglomerate Xiaomi to run windows 10 on some of the Xiaomi smartphones which are currently running Android.

The initial tie-up is to offer the Xiaomi Mi4 users chance to switch to Windows 10 by means of a download which will convert the Android device to a windows 10 phone.

Download Windows 10 for Pirated Windows Too

Here is a Xiaomi Mi4 Mobile Running Windows 10

Mi4 Running Windows 10

As per the statement released by Microsoft, it has partnered with Xiaomi under the Windows Insider Program and will offer Windows 10 download to a selected group of Mi4 users to try out the new Windows 10 operating system when it is available in summers.

Statement Released By Microsoft Says ” As part of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft will partner with Xiaomi to offer Windows 10 free downloads to a select group of Xiaomi Mi4 users. Xiaomi Mi4 users will get the ability to flash their phones with the new Windows 10 OS and provide feedback to Xiaomi and Microsoft on their experience. This partnership will allow Xiaomi and Microsoft to get direct user feedback and continue to improve the experience for China. Microsoft is thrilled to see Xiaomi embracing Windows 10 and offering this great value to their customers. We’re excited to see the feedback we receive from this audience.

Xiaomi is a leading phone manufacturer in China undergoing significant global expansion. We are excited to partner with them in China and jointly gather feedback from Chinese users on their experience with Windows 10 to jointly collaborate on product and services development for the platform.

Availability will be announced in the months to come.” 

This will not offer a Dual boot mechanism like we used to have for booting windows 7 and Ubuntu on a PC, the flash image will be like a custom ROM like a Cyanogen mod which you can flash on your native Android smartphone.

It is of great interest for modders who want to tinker with their smartphone will have an interesting option to migrate it to windows and see if it suits them more Vs Android ecosystem. Microsoft has also forged ties with the other Chinese giant Lenovo for offering Windows 10 on Lenovo smartphones which are currently running on Android.

Windows 10 – DirectX 12 will Support Crossfire/SLI between AMD and Nvidia

For Gamers Windows 10 is going to offer which is more like a dream come true with support for crossfire/SLI between AMD and Nvidia Graphic cards, As per a statement released some time back by Microsoft they are working on making this possible.

For readers who don’t know what a Crossfire/SLI is, it is a simple way to make two graphics card to work on a PC so that power of both can be combined to play games. The two cards work in Sync to increase the overall power required to render graphics.

However to similar models of the card is required to render alternate frames, this new innovation from DX 12 is a far cry from the current generation where two different GPU’s can be used one from Nvidia and other from AMD which is not possible currently.

We are going to see some exciting results out of this and if this works properly can give huge plus to PC Gaming. DX 12 will also support the older generation of graphics cards however some of the DX 12 features will require an upgrade.

Windows 10 Preview Video

Here is a Video Preview for the Latest Microsoft Windows 10 Event From Jan 10 2015.

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