Dying Light PC Game Review India 2015

Dying light is the new PC game which takes you to the Zombie world and is filled with horror, blood and some gruesome action. The game is based on third person horror action survival in a dangerous world of creatures who are huge in numbers and more mighty at night.

Dying Light PC Game Review

Game Developer – Techland

Published By – Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

PC Release Date – 27 January 2015 

Current Price – Rs.999 

Genre – Survival Action Horror 

Dying Light PC Game Review India 2015


Location – City of Harran

The Game opens with the information that Sulieman Kadir is an important man who has stolen some important files which could be catastrophic for the mankind and if used unwisely may lead to many more deaths. The City of Harran is infected with a deadly virus which has turned the city into a Zombie dead  land. The city is punishing and all missions takes place in the City of Harran.

Dying Light PC Game Review India 2015

The Game opens with our main character Kyle Crane is sent to the city of Harran to get hold of  the important files from Sulierman Kadir. As Kyle is airdropped in the city his parachute gets struck on a building and lands in trouble. He is rescued by a group of survivors who take him to a safe place in the city tower.

Dying Light PC Game Review India 2015

The game environment changes once you are out there in the night the hunter becomes the hunted and the creatures are more powerful and you need to focus on the stealth and escape skills to tackle the situations. In some of the missions game sets you in the dark environment when you are late to return to the tower then your survival skills are more useful than taking the Zombies head on. The night environment instills fear in the game and make you realize that your key strategy to survive is to run.

Action & Fights

 New weapons are crafted as the game progresses from kicks, baseball bat in the initial stages to deadly machete,   Sledge Hammers like Thor to blow the heads off, electric military knives to torture the zombies and kill them. As you progress in the game you gain new skills to fight with the Zombies and also get new powerful weapons to fight your battles. It is also not advisable to fight when you are surrounded by the Zombies and should look at opportunities to move away from the area.

Dying Light PC Game Review


We tested it on high & very high settings with HBAO and most details on the set to very high. At 1920*1080 resolution, our core i5 4670  and 280X running smoothly offered 55 FPS Avg, and in some of the scenes the FPS dropped to a minimum 38. Graphics are detailed but not as detailed you would have seen in Crysis 3 or Far Cry 4.

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The charterers are also not as detailed with facial expressions or tressfx effects. Even with anti aliasing and HBAO (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion) I did not find the depth in graphics the way we see in some of the graphic intensive games like Crysis 3.

Character Details

Characters lack details and there is no strong build up to create the nature and attributes of the characters so you can relate to them as you advance in the game. Games like Max Payne and Far Cry4 (Pagin Min)  are the game characters which set a different standard to character detailing. Unfortunately dying light has no such stories to tell.

Dying Light PC Game Review

Game Environment

The Open world is big with City of Harran is a tin roofed slum which you roam to reach your mission. There is nothing eye pleasing in the slum but a lot of shady rooms and streets filled with Zombies. The night game play is also interesting and offers the horror and surprise fits of attacks out of the dark which makes the game play interesting. The free running environment let the player jump from one roof to other.

Dying Light PC Game Review

Sound Effects 

Sounds are what makes the horror game more intimidating and brings creates an environment of suspense, the Dying light offers good sound effects and background story sound is also good to create a positive flow to the story line.


Movies are integral part of the game and most of them are not very long. Movies add value to the story line which in itself is not very unique and is well complimented by the in game movies. The game has a good feature – Yes you can skip movies by long pressing the space bar.

What Could have been Better 

  • Characters could have been more detailed
  • Sound Effects to make you chill would have made the game more terrifiying
  • Graphics – even if it is horror genre some of the blood effects with high end graphics engine, with more realistic world for PC would have made game play better.


Game is good and even better in most of the aspects than left4dead and offers good single player and cooperative multiplayer environment if you are a horror survival fan. If you are a zombie fan you will love this game and if you are playing zombie games for the first time you are of to a great start. GOOD NIGHT.GOOD LUCK.

It is time to grab your Dying Light now and venture into the dark to behead all of those devil Zombies. The game is rated highly by some of the Game review websites like Metacritic 75% rating and IGN scores it at 8.5/10.

We Give the game 3.75/5 Score and recommend it to PC Gamers with a flair for horror genre.

If you have already played the Game, Please share in comments below how do you rate it on a scale of 5.

Here is a Gamplay Video for Dying Light :

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