E3 2016 BETHESDA SOFTWORKS – What to Expect

Bethesda had won their fans over one more time with the launch of Fallout 4 at the last E3. It was their first E3 conference ever, and it seems Bethesda is not going to stop now.

Coming in hot with the tremendous success of Fallout 4 and recently released DOOM, looks like Bethesda is trying to establish themselves among the big boys with another E3 conference. And boy they can pull off some punches here.

We’re diving in straight to what we expect from them at E3, and some surprises they can pull off. Bethesda Softworks Conference would go LIVE on 13th June at 7:30 AM IST (New Delhi) on youtube/twitch.

E3 2016 BETHESDA SOFTWORKS - What to Expect


Are your knees ready?

There have been no leaks, no signs till now that Elder Scrolls 6 will be revealed this E3 or not, but we hope its announcement was the main reason for Bethesda hosting another conference. If Elder Scrolls franchise was big before, Skyrim managed to make it a juggernaut.


It managed to make it a common name among gamers, even if you have never played an RPG or don’t play many games at all, chances are you still must have heard of Skyrim.

Rumors say, it could be called ARGONIA. A minority of people also speculate it can try to cash in from its previous name Skyrim by making a direct sequel Skyrim 2, but it feels very unlikely even though it will probably have a stronger word of mouth than a completely new name.

We should also keep in check with our unrealistic expectations, as it is impossible for TES6 to have a release date of 2016, like how Bethesda revealed Fallout4. At best we should expect an announcement, if any, with a release date of 2017. Or else, we will have to satisfy ourselves with only The Elder Scrolls Online MMO Updates/DLC, or a re-mastered port of Skyrim to PS4 and XB1.


Could this be the year finally? Games nobody thought would come back, came back – at previous E3 2015. Prey 2 is one of such games which had been in development hell, is officially canceled and yet here we are, with the rumor mill spinning strong that 2016 will finally be the year Prey2 will not only be announced again but will release.


Prey 2 is a first-person shooter with a sci-fi twist, announced all the way back in 2011. In 2014, Bethesda canceled the project saying it wasn’t up to the quality. Since then a strong rumor had been around that the development was shifted from Human Head studios to Arkane Studios (Dishonored), and very well may release in 2016.

This could all be a futile exercise, but Bethesda likes holding cards close to its chest. Even with the Fallout4 development, it was sure as day that the game was in development, but to ride on that surprise reveal hype Bethesda for years refused to comment about it. In 2016, the game would be in (on and off) development for 5 years. If Elder Scrolls 6 is not going to be revealed at E3 2016, Prey 2 can certainly be the reason why Bethesda ordered another conference.


 Revenge Solves Everything

With its release date already announced, all is left is to wait for the new gameplay to reveal itself. To my delight, the conference will spend a healthy chunk of time on Dishonored 2, with its multi playable characters and gameplay features.

E3 2016 BETHESDA SOFTWORKS - What to Expect

This steampunk stealth/action game with its first offering was both stories rich with multiple ways in gameplay for completing a mission increasing its replay value. Now that the rebels have been taken care of, our old protagonist Corvo and the new playable female lead, his daughter Emily are set to rid their town of more corruption and convoluting schemes.

 As I said, Bethesda reveals are very cryptic until they’re ready for the stage. Not much is known about the new game aside from the CGI trailer we got in 2015. But the creators have thrown light on some philosophical aspect of Emily and Corvo, and how the truth of The Outsider will play a key role. Coop will not be there in the game, as he claims the game wasn’t built with that in mind. But he did clarify that both characters having their powers will strengthen the replay-ability of the game.

Emily has some great additions like becoming a smoke-shadow being, making her easy to sneak in. And Domino, where she can link many people fate as one, and any damage inflicted on one target will be equally fatal to everybody, making it perfect for ambushes.

Dishonored 2 is scheduled to release on 11th November on PS4, XB1, and PC.



 The final piece of Fallout 4 DLC will be marketed, along with the announcement of a new DOOM expansion//DLC just like the treatment Wolfenstein got with Old Blood Expansion. Fallout 4 is in the rearview mirror now, but potentially some exciting news regarding this franchise could come. But we will cover that in “E3 surprises” section. Some DOOM snapmaps features would be showcases, but it will be interesting to see if Bethesda will try to win back the multiplayer crowd who disliked Doom or will not even mention it in fear of attracting bad press.


Nazi killing business a-booming.’

Machine Games released Wolfenstein: The New Order in 2014, on both old and current gen consoles. It got a fairly good response from the fans and critics, and the sales were not bad enough that a sequel would be out of the question. The expansion came in 2015 for only new gen consoles, but it was indeed was from the base of the existing game build.


The creative director himself said in 2015 that he would love to make a sequel, and he has a very clear idea how to approach it, but that would depend upon how good the first game does with sales. Though not officially announced, the next installment was teased by the voice actress from the first game, saying the game is in active development and is aimed at 2017 release date.

A 2017 release would make sense for a 2016 E3 reveal trailer. An alternate history where Nazis won the World War 2 opens up for more exciting world-building other than just to make Hitler the final boss.

Personally, as predictions go, I am on the fence with this game. It can easily be announced this E3, but if Prey2 or TES6 gets revealed, Bethesda would not want another game to come side by side those. Maybe a teaser or a verbal confirmation that the next game is indeed in works would be more sensible in that case. Also, we are eager to see how an only current-gen Wolfenstein will look like now that PS3 and X360 won’t be considered.



Fallout 3 was followed shortly by Fallout: New Vegas, which was made by developer Obsidian. Whether the same treatment will be applied to Fallout 4 is anybody’s guess right now. Fallout 4 season pass had become larger than previously anticipated, and it does feel like Bethesda will support the game with content for some more months too. So it’s difficult to guess if they want to take the shine away from that by revealing another Fallout game so close.


The first game was a third person survival horror game lead by the legendary Shinji Mikami. He has clearly said that if a sequel is made, he will have no part in that. But Tango Gameworks could be talented enough to surprise and hopefully surpass the original by their definitions of work. First game both critically and in sales were slightly above average.



In 2016, Quake will have its 20th anniversary. Some job postings suggest that Quake might be in the making. It’s a long shot, but will be a great surprise when a long-dormant lovable series gets much-required limelight. If last year is concerned, it is clear that anything gamers are willing to throw cash at, will eventually get made. Could it be a new multiplayer king can be found in Quake?

E3 2016 BETHESDA SOFTWORKS - What to Expect

Written By: Shubhendu Singh

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