EC-EGPRS More Battery Efficient Communication Standard : Nokia

Nokia and Mediatek had jointly created new GPRS standard named as EC-EGPRS. The companies will showcase this new technology at the upcoming MWC Barcelona

Nokia may have been barred from making smartphones as a part of Microsoft’s agreement, but that doesn’t stop the company to innovate the tech world, which is clear from its recent GPRS technology.


Initially, the technology will help improve the battery life of IOT (Internet of Things) devices to stay connected with each other like smart home appliances and smart cars and later on can find use in the smartphones too.

The EC-EGPRS otherwise called as Extended Coverage Enhanced Packet Radio Service is developed to overcome some of the drawbacks of traditional GSM or GPRS systems, the main focus on EC-EGPRS has reduced the power consumption and to improve the signal coverage, which is prominent from the name of the system itself

In a pre-demo Nokia’s Flexi Multi-radio base station and a mobile station with EC-EGPRS were incorporated.

MediaTek’s share in this technology lies in the Modem and software technology.

The EC-EGPRS is said to be very low on power consumption, and the measure of battery backup will be in years.

The technology is mainly created to serve IOT ( Internet of things) in short IOT is a network of interconnected devices and sensors used to register changes in factors like temperature, humidity, and other applications which requires constant monitoring.

As these things need to serve for a long period, the power consumption for transmitting data from traditional GPRS systems will be high, which can be reduced by the use of EC-EGPRS

The power saving approach comes from the Power Efficient Operation (PEO) and extended discontinuous reception (Rx) owing better battery life.

If EC-EGPRS indeed offers battery backup for devices in a measure of years, then we can expect wireless devices with great battery life in near future.

MediaTek commented as

“MediaTek continues to be at the center of  the Internet of Things, collaborating with Nokia and supporting technology for low power, low throughput, and low-cost devices that will drive growth and innovation in the IoT marketplace.”

Nokia’s spoke person Niko Lalu said

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration with MediaTek in implementing this prototype and demonstration system. We are showing that we are on a good path in making the EC-EGPRS technology commercially available in networks and devices, meaning our customers can further leverage their investment in GSM network technology.”

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