EVGA launches it’s First 4K Gaming Laptop

While EVGA is well known to make graphics cards it is stepping into new territory with the latest venture in making a new Gaming Laptop. EVGA announced it’s first ever 100% in-house designed gaming laptop and guess what it comes with the nifty 4K display.

EVGA launches it’s First 4K Gaming Laptop


The EVGA mean machine is known as SC-17 and is powered by the monstrous Nvidia GTX 980M which can offer desktop-class graphics and can burn many desktop GPU’s to ground. (Of course, I am not talking of Fury X or 980 Ti). The Nvidia GTX 980m comes with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and makes sure that you don’t run out of VRAM while gaming in 4K.

The laptop also comes with overclocking ability and if you wish to push the graphics card a little more to have great graphics on the UHD display monitor the SC 17 is going to do it without breaking a sweat.  EVGA is also boasting about the new cooling system in the laptop which makes it near silent even when playing Graphics intensive games.

The SC 17 runs on the Intel i7 6820HK which is capable of reaching a clock speed of 3.8 GHz or more, and also comes with the ability to overclock the processor to get the best performance out of the machine.

Nvidia GTX 980M + Intel i7 6820HK = Every Gamer’s Dream

The Laptop comes with Full GUI BIOS which makes it really easy to overclock the graphics card as well as the processor from the BIOS itself. EVGA has also added a nifty feature which helps you choose between the Superclock mode and the normal mode by just pressing a key on the keyboard even there is no need to visit the BIOS before starting the game.

The Laptop has got enormous 32 GB of DDR4 G Skills Ram which is also clocked at 2666 Mhz for getting the best performance. ( It is in 2*16 configuration).

The laptop is thinner and measures just 1.05 inch making it the thinnest 17-inch gaming laptop in the market. The weight of the laptop is 3.69 Kg which is okay considering the screen size.

Dell, Asus, and MSI would not be too pleased to see another rival with a sleek ultimate performance mobile computing device in the gaming laptops arena.

EVGA launches it’s First 4K Gaming Laptop

The laptop comes with a backlit keyboard with white lighting which looks stunningly cool.

The laptop is a kick-ass gaming machine and comes with 17 inch 4K IPS LCD display. The display has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and it does not support the Nvidia GSync technology for frame smoothing as per early reports.

EVGA is very well known when it comes to making Nvidia Graphics cards and custom cooler designs along with enthusiast class motherboards. EVGA also showcased the GTX 980 ti VR version at the CES 2016 which they launched in the US some days back.

While EVGA has a stronger presence in US and UK and not much in India.  We would hope that they bring more graphics cards and laptops to the Indian shores too.

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