EVGA Nvidia GTX 980 Ti VR Edition Unveiled

The new graphics card is compatible with VR headsets and comes with a 5.25-inch front bay. The front bay has 2 USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port to enable users to connect the VR headset with the graphics card.

EVGA Unveils Nvidia GTX 980 Ti VR Edition

Update – 13-Feb-2016The EVGA Nvidia GTX 980 Ti was showcased back at CES 2016. However, EVGA has not shared the price. Now EVGA has shared the price for the new graphics card as $699 in the US market. It is yet to go on sale in the Indian market, and we can expect the price close to 70K in India.

EVGA Nvidia GTX 980 Ti VR Edition Unveiled

The major benefit of having the 5.25-inch front bay is that users will not have to plug the wires at the back of the PC Cabinet. The cable from the front socket gets plugged into the motherboard.

The Nvidia GTX 980 Ti VR Edition comes with two cooler variants, one is Nvidia Stock cooler. And another variant has EVGA ACX 2.0+ Cooler design. We are not expecting any performance improvement compared to the normal Nvidia GTX 980 Ti.

5.25-inch front bay on GTX 980Ti


The only addition is the front 5.25-inch bay which is essential if you plan to plug in the VR headset to the PC cabinet. The announcement from EVGA comes at the same time Oculus announced that the VR headsets would go on pre-order for $599 starting March 2016.

VR Technology Require more Powerful Graphics cards

As per Nvidia the VR technology is much more demanding compared to normal PC Gaming and can consume 7X more resources compared to PC Games.  To meet such high demand from the Virtual reality equipment next generation of graphics card ought to be much faster and energy efficient.

Also, Nvidia is working on the software development for the VR headsets to ensure higher performance when using Nvidia Graphics cards with the VR headsets. AMD has also been working on the VR technology, and we can expect that AMD will also be launching VR ready graphics cards soon.


AMD recently showcased the Polaris architecture based new graphics card which will be based on the 14 nm process. A leapfrog step to push the graphics capability of future.

The EVGA GTX 980 Ti VR Edition also has a mini HDMI port at the back for compatibility with other VR headsets. EVGA is yet to share the price for the EVGA Nvidia GTX 980 Ti VR Edition. But we expect it to be available at a premium in comparison to the normal Nvidia GTX 980 Ti.

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