EVGA Water-Cooled HyBrid GTX 970 Launched

Water Cooled Nvidia GTX 970 Are Here

EVGA has launched a new water-cooled Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card.  EVGA water cooled graphics card runs much cooler compared to the competition air cooled graphics card.

The Nvidia GTX 970 is one of the most popular graphics cards for high-end gaming. A great graphics card to play games on 1080P or 2K display resolution monitors.

EVGA Water Cooled HyBrid GTX 970 Launched

The New EVGA Liquid Cooled graphics card is priced at $399 while the EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW GAMING ACX 2.0 retails for $349. India pricing usually much higher we can expect a 20% to 30% markup to the US price for the new EVGA graphics card. Expected price can be in a range of Rs. 31,000 to 33,000 in the Indian market for the water cooled EVGA GTX 970.

The EVGA GTX 970 Hybrid comes with a self-contained water cooling solution, with a 120 mm radiator cooling fan which effectively removes the heat from the graphics card and keeps it much cooler compared to the Air Cooled cards.

EVGA Water Cooled HyBrid GTX 970 Launched

The EVGA GTX 970 hybrid does not require, filling, tubing and maintenance from the user, just plug and play.

The cooling system comes with a neat and clean design with tubular cooling and no wires making it easy to install and provide a mesh-free environment in the Gaming Case.

There is a large Cooper base heat sink which absorbs the heat effectively from the GPU Cores and transfers it to the water-cooled radiator.

The standard GTX 970 easily reaches very high temperatures, we used the Zotac GTX 970 and while playing Far Cry 4 we have observed temperatures of 90 degrees C.

EVGA Claims the new water cooled card runs as low as 50 degrees C while gaming.  Even if not 50 degree as claimed by all means it would stay below 65 degrees as water cooling is much more effective than air-cooled cards.

EVGA Water Cooled HyBrid GTX 970 Launched

The built-in radiator 120 mm Fan runs at a variable speed as per temperature curve of the GPU Core to offer silent performance compared to other Graphics cards.

The graphics card comes with a base clock of 1140 and even has a faster Boost Clock of 1279, it is not very high boost clock the EVGA FTW runs on a boost clock of 1367 GHz.

The factory overclock is good and the water cooling adds to more headroom for overclocking.

The graphics card come with 4 GB of DDR4 VRAM and requires a minimum 500 watts of Power Supply.

The graphics card requires a 6+6 pin connector and has a maximum power draw of 170 Watts.  You will also need a good sized PC cabinet to house the water cooled EVGA Hybrid GTX 970. The graphics card is available in the US and may get launched in other Global markets soon.

Source – EVGA.

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