Last year Bethesda teased that they had been working on three new projects simultaneously among which two were more prominent than anything they have ever done. That day finally came when they announced those to the world at this E3 2018.

FALLOUT 76 – The other half of Fallout 4

Unveiled to their iconic choice of 80’s music, this time John Denver’s Country Road of West Virginia is the Fallout’s playground. Fallout76 is a different beast than what we have come to expect from a traditional previous single player game of the franchise.

The foundation of 76 came when multiplayer was first thought for Fallout 4. But the project seemed too large and time too less to be fitted inside a single game so once Fallout 4 was over, unanimously the whole team turned back to making this Multiplayer-Fallout 4 into reality and made a monster out of it.

Fallout 76 Brings Multiplayer Focus - GamePlay Details, India Price and Launch Details

Multiplayer Focus

It will have a story, it will have quests, and you can still play Solo, but the focus is multiplayer. And no this wouldn’t be like a Battle Royale with 100 players – NO. Todd Howard wants to make this a multiplayer survival RPG like DayZ or Rust, not an amusement park.

Key Highlights

  • Fallout 76 takes place in West Virginia
  • Storywise – It is the first game, at just 20 years after the nuclear war
  • Map size is 4 times larger than Fallout 4
  • Dedicated Servers

Gameplay Details

It’s an always-online game, so its natural you will have to sacrifice V.A.T.S pause entirely and deal in real time. It brings back the new introduction of Fallout 4 – Base Building to its heights. You can create your settlements and nuke other players camps completely.


  • Progression is tied to your character rather than your map – as maps could be different considering different servers. It begs the question of how satisfying nuking your enemy base, or constructing your own would be if next time you log in would be in a different server. There are six different map regions.
  • Bye Bye V.A.T.S, Hello C.A.M.P – Well actually they are two completely different things. VATS from now on will be in real time due to real live players as opponents. And CAMP is a mobile settlement builder acronym for “Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform” letting you build a camp quickly anywhere.
  • No Cross play only because of Sony: The blue giant has outright refused to show any support in encouraging Xbox, PC, Switch and PS users playing together. Even Mass media coverage from CNBC, BBC, etc, have not made Sony budge with their policy.
  • New Monsters and Loot – Whenever you nuke a place in Fallout 76, the whole area becomes unliveable. But for the adventurous spirits, the same area will spawn much better loot while being guarded by games toughest enemies. More or less like Dark Zones of The Division game.
  • Nuke your friend – WMDs are not easy to come by. You will have to search for codes at possible multiple locations and a special place where you can enter the code, but they won’t be easy to reach. A proper warning will be relayed to that area where the Nuke is targeted.


More Details to follow

We still don’t know much about Fallout76. The gameplay footage is scarce, and the game is still currently in development so a lot of things can change. And we have many burning questions like;

  • PvP – How unforgiving getting killed would be to lose all your loot and status.
  • Public Events – Elder Scrolls Online has raids. So it is not out of the question to think how those will be incorporated in here.
  • Story – Or there be any semblance of a story. They have promised one, but with what Fallout 4 full campaign had to offer, we shouldn’t expect something amazing here even if they tried to commit.


Release Date Fallout 76

Fallout 76 will release on November 14, 2018, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One family of consoles. Pre Orders are open which gives access to the beta at that device. Xbox One Beta date, however, will be different from PC and PS4.

India Price

PS4 and Xbox One  – INR 4000 (Physical Copy), INR 5600 (Digital Stores)

PC: INR 3500 (Physical)

Also, Check the E3 Trailer for the Game:

Written By – Shubhendu Singh

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