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Flipkart goes all guns blazing with exclusive Moto-X launch for 23,999


Is Moto X the best buy right now read more to find out….


Flipkart revealed that the Motorola’s 2013 flagship smartphone would be available in five color variants, while the wood back versions walnut & teak will be retailing at Rs. 25,999.

Flipkart also confirmed in response to a query on Twitter that the 32GB variant of the Moto-X has not been planned for the country and the e-commerce website will only be selling the 16GB model of the Moto-X in India.

In addition to above, Flipkart has revealed that the Moto-X will go on sale during the day, and will not be a midnight release. About the color variants, the online retailer has confirmed that the Black and White color variants of Moto X will be in stock on March 19, while other color options will be available on pre-order.

The Moto-X launch comes a few weeks after the very successful launch of budget smartphone Moto G in the country, also via Flipkart.

Moto-X Review Should You Buy it @ Rs. 23,999

Features & Details:


Launch Date: Aug 2013

1). Operating System: Was launched with Jellybean 4.2 now comes with Android 4.4.2 KitKat (yet to see whether the Indian Version comes with KitKat out of the Box)

2). The 4.7″ AMOLED (RGB) / 720p HD (720×1280 pixels) the 316ppi pixel density makes the display quite sharp but not the best while we have 1080p on most high-end devices like Nexus 5

3). Corning® Gorilla® Glass (Good for Scratch resistance)

4). 1.7Ghz Processor Dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960Pro Snapdragon processor – Not great but can manage all the tasks well

5). 2 GB RAM (Good for multitasking, you don’t need more at this stage of Android development)

6). Quad-core Adreno 320 GPU

7). 10MP Rear Camera(Quite Capable and can click good low light shots

8). 2MP Front Camera

9). 16GB storage (which is non-expandable)

10). Battery capacity: 2200mAh ( Will make through the day easily with moderate to heavy usage)

11). Colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, Red, Walnut, Teak, Turquoise

**Customize Your Moto-X – no confirmation is there on this from Flipkart

Design It comes with a curved back. It’s comfortable. It’s easy to grab and use. Once you get a hold of it, you will like it; it is one of the best in the current smartphones. The 4.7-inch display, the thickness of the device and the matte finish on the back, the Moto-X doesn’t exactly have a non-slip grip to it, but it stays in your hand and not fumble easily like the plastic back cover phones usually Samsung ones.

Touch less Control: With just a little training in a quiet room, your Moto-X learns to recognize your voice. You just have to say: “OK Google Now” and give it a command. As a function of kitkat, it is also available with Nexus 5 and LG G2 and other Kit Kat devices

Active Display: Moto-X is always ready to tell you what you need to know. Information quietly appears on the screen so that you don’t always need to check your phone.



The performance of the Moto-X might initially seem like it wouldn’t be all that great, given that the phone runs on a Dual-core Snapdragon 1.7GHz Krait processor.  It seems crazy because Quad-core is pretty much the standard now, even for a phone released in late 2013.

However, the processor is snappier in Moto-X and software is optimized to run it well. There are some instances where loading pages or e-mails takes a few micro seconds longer, but the slower response time is infrequent and shouldn’t be seen as a deal-breaker. The performance of the GPU   is great. On Some of the common Benchmarks which give a indicator of relative performance, it scores closer to Nexus 4 and somewhere between S3 & S4 and in some benchmarks very close to S4 with Snapdragon 600.

Benchmarking Scores

Antutu Score: Moto-X 19031 while Samsung S3 had 15540 and Galaxy S4 had 24716

GLBenchmark: 2.5 Egypt (1080p off-screen): Moto X 43 and Samsung S4 43

Quadrant: Moto-X 9018 and Samsung S4 12034 & Samsung Note 2 5916

Hope some of the above comparison shows that it is good in performance compared to its peers but synthetic benchmarks are not a true reflection of the performance of the device alone. We find Moto-X to be a snappier and well-designed phone.


Flipkart has launched it @ 23,999 which we think is a little higher compared to performance/rupee that they offered with MOTO G @ 12,999 which made it a raging success in India. Comparable phones in the same price range are Nexus 4, Gionee Elife E7 (16 GB)(great hardware specs).

Gionee Elife E6, Xolo Q 3000(slightly cheaper) can be explored and if you can up the budget then we have Nexus 5 16GB which offer tremendous value for money. Having said this Moto-X is a great phone if you like the design and feel of the product go ahead and give it a go.

Se Ranking – Home page

Value for Money – We give it 3.8 Stars rating out of 5.0

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