Flipkart to Open Physical Experience Stores Soon

In a related development, Flipkart is working on experience store to enhance the customers shopping experience and sort out many issues like failed deliveries due to close gate policies of many companies, communities, and educational institutions.

The problem of returns and consumer’s able to touch and feel the product and look at the demo before accepting the product may help increase the revenue and reduce the cost of reverse logistics for Flipkart. Flipkart recently moved to the new Flipkart office in Bangalore, the office has great interiors and facilities, making it a world-class facility for employees. 

Flipkart to Open Physical Experience Stores Soon

The experience stores are expected to open in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities and Flipkart initially plans to open 20 stores and later based on the success will expand the number of stores.

The stores will also act as a pickup point for orders placed online, and buyers will be able to order products online and instead of delivery at their office or home products will reach the stores from where the consumer can pick up the product as per convenience.

Neeraj Aggarwal, Sr.Director-Delivery Operations Flipkart explained well the need for the experience stores in the Indian market –

Getting logistics right is extremely crucial for e-commerce companies. Our efforts are focused on expanding our delivery network, without compromising on the customer service levels and expectation. We believe this model is a resolution to customer unavailability issues, as it offers consumers a choice to adjust the delivery time & location according to their convenience. It also provides a solution to restrictions for e-commerce entry into tech parks/ gated communities/ universities.

Flipkart experience stores will also help the non-tech savvy buyer and the first time buyers who look for some more assurance before placing an order in the electronic form.

The best part of visiting experience store will be spot returns, which at a time takes days, refunds and product trials and demos which are necessary for some of the product categories.

The first set of stores are going to open in the cities – Bangalore, Mysore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Vellore, Gurgaon, Vadodara, and Surat.

The only concern is that Flipkart is a marketplace and 1000’s of vendors sell their products through the e-commerce giant’s website, how many product lines can they stock in a store is yet to be seen. It may turn out to be an old store for the products sold by WS retail – the Flipkart owned the largest seller of merchandise.

In a related development, Flipkart also enabled the image based search of products in it’s App. The feature is entirely new and yet under construction and will improve with time.

It merely works, supposes you liked a dress a friend or some movie actress is wearing you can click a picture of it and use that picture in the Flipkart APP to search for a similar suit.  The app will give you options which it finds very close to the choice.

Flipkart has been innovative from the start with COD and Motorola/ Xiaomi launch strategy it has already revolutionized the Indian e-retail, there are more such initiatives in store for the Indian Buyers.

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