Flipkart’s Valentines Day Video Flipheart is Incredible

Flipkart the largest e-commerce website in India founded by Sachin and Binny Bansal in 2007 has become the face of e-commerce in India.

Flipkart released a new video thanking it’s customers and delighting them by saying they are their Valentine”. This is a great way for a brand to build relationship with their customers and add to the loyalty and brand image.

Flipkart’s Valentines Day Video Flipheart is Incredible

Such campaigns are truly consumer centric and appeal the emotional side of buyers. The Video is beautifully shot by the team and shows various customer tweets sent to Flipkart.

The video shows the employees and tell that they are Flipkart. The team which provide the buying experience to the customers from quick deliveries to bubble wraps. What is portrayed is how Flipkart has been able to realize the dreams of so many Indian with their dream products reaching them in beautifully packaged boxes.

The Video is Titled as Flipkart found it’s Valentine:

I am also a big fan of Flipkart and Sachin & Binny Bansal for creating an exceptional website and supply chain.  What is truly admiring is not only the website and Android/IOS app design but also the integration of a quick, reliable supply chain for delivery and returns.

It is great to have some of the world leaders in e-commerce business struggle in front of the home grown giant.

I think most of the readers had some positive experience with Flipkart and they might have also brought to you some of your dream products at reasonable price, bubble wrapped in cardboard boxes.

Happy Valentines Day to All Candytech Readers!

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