Apple May Use OLED Display in Future iPhone 7

Apple has been using the IPS LCD display on the iPhone for long and even the current generation of Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus uses the IPS LCD display panels.

Apple May Use OLED Display in Future iPhone 7

While on the other hand some of the Android smartphone manufacturers like Samsung has been using OLED display in the latest smartphones like the Samsung Note 5 and the Samsung S6 edge plus.

Reports are ripe that Apple is in talks with the two Korean Giants – Samsung and LG to make OLED display for the Apple devices, which may include the next generation of iPhone and iPads.

OLED displays are better in terms of the thinness of display and are more energy efficient compared to the IPS LCD counterparts.

If Apple uses one of the OLED displays it will have the benefit of making the iPhone 7 a little thinner and will also gain from improved battery life.


While IPS LCD displays have had better color reproduction and more natural colors, the OLED displays were more color saturated.

Now with time and more refinement OLED displays have also evolved and the display used by Samsung on the Galaxy Note 5 is highly acclaimed.

It is one of the best display on any smartphone currently available in the world.

The only hold up for the OLED displays to become mainstream is the reliability and longer life, and a significantly higher cost.

Usually, the TFT displays are the cheapest while the IPS LCD has a moderate cost and the OLED or Super AMOLED displays are the most expensive.

The news of Apple using the new OLED display was broken by Reuters and they got the information from some of the Apple vendors.

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