G.Skill Rainbow Colored Trident Z RAM is Cutest Candy for Your PC

G.Skill the Taiwanese manufacturer of Gaming RAM’s and Mechanical keyboards has unveiled a brilliantly colored DDR4 Ram. The G.Skill shared the new Ram in a press note.  G.Skill calls it as RGB lighting DDR4 memory kit – the first in the world. There is always a joy of owning something exclusive in the world.

By default the Ram will display a wave light form of colors and can be controlled and customized by means of a software which will become available in February 2017.

G.Skill Rainbow Colored Trident Z RAM

The G.Skill Rainbow colored Ram not only is a performance beast, but also an eye Candy. If you are fan of PC modding or adding lightning effects to your PC Case. The New G.Skill ram will fit right into the scheme of things.

G.Skill is also touting that users will be able to control the lighting effects on the Ram with a software update. The pricing for the new Ram is yet not shared but it is likely to get on stores in early 2017. We recently tested a 3200 MHz G.Skill Trident Z Ram and infact the PC on which this article is typed is utilizing the 16 GB of G.Skill RAM.


The metallic trident Z ram comes with robust construction and Indomitable performance for a modern gaming PC.  You can read our review of the Trident Z DDR4 3200 MHz Gaming PC ram.

Watch Video G.Skill RGB RAM:

Check Latest Price for G.Skill Trident Z Ram. 

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