Galax HOF 4000 MHZ DDR4 Limited Edition RAM Launched

Galax has launched the new DDR4 Ram that comes with an incredible 4000 MHz speed and low latency. The DDR4 RAM is made by the Galax OC Labs that is a dedicated laboratory for developing extreme performance products.

Galax HOF 4000 MHz is One of the Worlds Fastest DDR4 RAM

Moreover, the HOF stands for Hall of Fame, and the new DDR4 Ram is quite a stunner to look at, apart from offering blazing fast performance. The HOF 4000 DDR4 Ram comes in a classy white color along with silver elements to enhance the looks. A worthy addition to extreme gaming pc builds.

Galax HOF 4000 MHZ DDR4 Limited Edition RAM Launched

The HOF 4000 DDR4 Ram is a Limited Edition version that will be available for USD 350. In India, the 16 GB version can be available for close to Rs. 20,000 in India. The SuperPi 32M benchmark with Waza is used to test the ram. It offers an incredible overclocking ability to Pro gamers and overclockers around the world.

Notably, the OC Lab members handpick each IC for the HOF 4000 DDR4 Dram. Further, it is tested under extreme environment for overclocking, to ensure long life and durability.

Moreover, the HOF 4000 DDR4 Ram comes with special collector edition packaging with 2 *8 GB RAM modules inside the box. Also, it comes with a special membership card that offers 5% discount on the next purchase.

Galax HOF 4000 MHZ DDR4 Limited Edition RAM Launched

Intel XMP & Motherboard Support for HOF 4000

The HOF 4000 DDR4 Ram offers Intel XMP 2.0 (extreme memory profile) and is tested with 1.4 Volt. Most of the normal Z170 / Z270 motherboards lacks support for this high-speed Ram. In fact, you may have to check if your motherboard supports 4000 MHz clock speed before buying it.

Also, in comparison to most 3000 MHz DDR 4 Ram, it is more than 2X more expensive. So is suitable for extreme gamers and OC enthusiasts. We recently upgraded our PC and we bought a Gigabyte Gaming 7 motherboard close to Rs. 20,000 and i7 6700K processor. The new PC can support a max of 3866 MHz Ram but unfortunately can’t support the HOF 4000. I am working on a review of these new parts and will share in the coming days.

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