Gigabyte Launches Extreme Gaming PC Build in India

Gigabyte has launched a 3 way Nvidia GtX 980 based Sli kit in an event held in Mumbai on December 17th 2014. The bad ass gaming Rig is meant for extreme Gamers who want to do gaming on 4-K monitor. We got  the press release email from Gigabyte and company claims it to be world’s first GTX 980 WATERFORCE 3-way SLI kit (GV-N980X3WA-4GD).

The Nvidia GTX 980 WATERFORCE 3-way SLI kit comes with closed loop liquid cooling system designed for hardcore Gamers in search of the most quiet and coolest ultimate gaming performance  machine.  The Kit is Powered by three highly acclaimed GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards set up in 3-way SLI, the trio delivers monstrous graphics power up to its highest possible potential, while incorporating ultra-efficient cooling technology, intuitive control management, and easy-to-install design.


The cost is not disclosed by Gigabyte in the email to us but we can expect it to cross Rs. 1.5 lakh. The 3 graphics card are connected by Nvidia Sli bridge and work together to generate incredible graphics power. Each graphics card is pre-installed with the exclusive water cooling unit and radiator connected with a pair of coolant pipes which help maintain the temperature across all the 3 graphics cards.  The intuitive control panel with an OLED display is located at the cabinet’s front panel help  Gamers to check the performance of all the 3 graphics cards in real time.

Gigabyte Launches Extreme Gaming PC Build in India

Gamers could also make use of the Fan/Pump Control Mode to adjust each card’s fan and pump configuration individually for achieving target temperature and graphic cards  performance. The system offers ultra silent performance and is able to perform up to 42.6% lower in operating temperature and 13.1 dB lower in sound performance under load compared to a 3-way SLI normal cooler.

GIGABYTE nvidia GTX980 waterforce 3 way sli kit

Gigabyte has launched this real badass extreme gaming 3 way SLi kit but it’s a niche product and buyers in India for such a high end gaming Rig are very limited.  The good news is finally Indian Gamers are getting option to own such gaming Rig’s without importing water cooling components. Gigabyte also confirmed that it will be available in India through INGRAM and its network of channel partners. It is protected by a 3-year carry-in warranty. Source – Gigabyte 


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