Gigabyte launches New Graphics Cards in India

Though we already had some of the Gigabyte Graphics cards in the market. Now Gigabyte has entered the Indian market officially with Graphics cards by partnering with Ingram Micro to sell Nvidia GeForce Graphics cards. So far the arrangement is between Nvidia and Gigabyte only, yet it is to be seen whether Gigabyte also starts selling AMD based cards. Gigabyte globally sells AMD graphics cards as well.

Gigabyte launches New Graphics Cards in India

As per a press release by Gigabyte Taiwan – “GIGABYTE is world’s leading premium hardware brand, has launched the full range of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in India with exclusive distribution partner, INGRAM MICRO. Combined with technical expertise, innovative products, and superb customer service, GIGABYTE is now bringing its top-notch quality products to the market, and providing Indian users the ultimate graphics experience”

Mayank Sharma, country manager of Graphic Card Business at GIGABYTE, said, “As for the rapidly growing emerging market like India, the extensive expertise of INGRAM MICRO will be a fast access for us to enter effectively into the market, and increase our presence in the country”

Mayank Sharma also emphasized the Fact that India is one of the rapidly growing markets for PC gaming and Graphics Cards. Gigabyte see a lot of potential in the Indian market and plan to scale up the operations in India and Ingram Micro

To ensure customer service is responded in a timely manner, GIGABYTE collaborates with India’s leading integrated IT services provider, Accel Frontline Ltd. All graphics cards have a 3 year carry-in warranty provided by the nearest GIGABYTE Authorized Service Center and Gigabyte confirms that they are committed to customer service.

They are looking forward to expanding the service centers and make it easy for the buyers to get quick and reliable service in case the buyers face any issues.

About Ingram Micro, it is an American electronics organization and information technology distributor. It is the world’s largest wholesale technology products distributor company. Ingram Micro distributes many different devices from manufacturers like Acer, Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung etc. The company is on 69 rank in the 2014 Fortune 500. It has it’s headquarters in Santa Ana, California.

Gigabyte launches New Graphics Cards in India: When we checked with Snapdeal, Amazon, and Flipkart the number of Gigabyte graphics cards listed with them are very less but it is likely that we see a lot of aggression from Gigabyte to expand the current sales volume of graphics Cards from Online sellers.

Also Indian market has a strong presence of Zotac, Asus, Sapphire, and Gainward for graphics card segment. We expect to see some of the top line graphics cards like Nvidia GTX 980 and GTX 970 to be listed soon by Gigabyte.

We already expect the graphics card prices to correct and become cheaper by 30% with Gigabyte showing some aggression we may see some more decline in graphics card prices in Indian Subcontinent.

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