Google and Lenovo Project Tango Smartphone : Innovative

Google has been working on a new technology for quite some time now which they call Project Tango. At the CES 2016 they showcased briefly what the technology is capable of and how it will shape the future of smartphones and computing.

Before we get into details about the upcoming Lenovo Smartphone, let me give a concise Idea about the Google’s Project Tango in layman words.

Google and Lenovo Project Tango Smartphone

Project tango enables Mobiles and Tablets with the spatial orientation and position, which means your smartphone knows exactly where it is placed in a room. The technology uses depth sensors and motion sensing camera at the front and back of the device along with other sensors to create a 3 dimensional map of the room and pin point exactly where the device is located.

The data from sensors and camera flow directly to the processor and is then converted to meaningful information.

Google and Lenovo Project Tango Smartphone

Google showcased the technology last year at CES 2015 and used a Nvidia K1 Tegra tablet.

This is the first time devices like smartphones will be able to tell where they are and with precision map there orientation and location, which is so natural to human beings and we never thought about it.

The Big question how will Google and Lenovo use this technology , some of the early uses can be measurements – you can measure your furniture or length of walls etc easily. Utlize the technology to create a 3D image of your room click the picture of a sofa or dressing table and add it to your room picture to see how it looks.

It helps with creating augmented reality, precise measurements, indoor way finding.

These are early days for the technology and we will see it in action when Lenovo comes out with the smartphone in June 2016 as was conveyed at the CES 2016.

Google and Lenovo Project Tango Smartphone

The Lenovo smartphone powered by Project Tango will be a large display smartphone – 6 inch or 6.33 inches, priced below $500.  It will come with some of the best developed Apps for Project Tango. Google has already asked developers to start working on new Apps for the project tango based devices.

Developers can visit the Project Tango official website and purchase the development tool kit tablet and download the tools to start working on App. Lenovo also announced that the best developed App will be part of Lenovo’s First project Tango smartphone.

Here is a video to experience the Project Tango:


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