Google Assistant Is Turning Human – Dope Tech From Google

android-iconGoogle Assistant Is Turning Human – Dope Tech From Google

Google is turning the Android Assistant into a human being with the new Google Duplex technology.

Google Assistant Is Turning Human - Dope Tech From Google

Future of AI – Google Duplex

Google CEO, Mr. Sundar Pichai showcased at the Annual Google Developer Conference (Google I/O 2018) how the company wants the Google Assistant to become a real assistant for you and do tasks on your behalf.

Google Assistant Is Turning Human - Dope Tech From Google
Google Assistant Is Turning Human – Dope Tech From Google

It can quickly call a Saloon or a restaurant and book an appointment. Also, it is capable of handling questions that are not standard and reply appropriately to the person on the other side.

However, I am not sure if this feature will work in Hindi or other languages, but for English speaking countries this can be a big time saver.

Google Duplex Raises Questions on Ethics and Misuse of AI

Google AI is Exciting And Scary at the same time. It raises many questions about the social impact of such an experiment. What about the person who answers the call on the other does he needs to know he is talking to an AI instead of Human being.

Is it right for machines to mimic human voices, isn’t it the rise of machines invading more of human space than it is already doing?

Google is the first company to reach a point where it can make machines behave like humans in some of the restricted contexts. But It is just the beginning of future more such boring conversations can be offloaded to virtual assistants using AI and Machine learning.

Probably future Google Assistants can answer calls on your behalf and you may be able to teach it what to say at a particular time or even use your own voice to answer mundane queries.

In fact, businesses can use such a technology in place of primitive Static IVR to answer customer queries smartly or probably more annoyingly.

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri now looks primitive in front of new advancements from Google and the Cupertino Tech Giant may have its answers ready for Google at the WWDC this year.

Gmail Predictive Writing (Smart Compose)

Next, we have another advantageous feature that can save a ton of time is using predictive sentence completion while typing emails.

Similar to the way auto word prediction works on your phone, as it guesses the next word you need to type, the predictive sentence completion is a significant step forward in the way we write.


Noticeably, It is machine learning and AI-based predictive writing assistant baked right into your Gmail.

Google calls this as Smart Compose, and Mr. Sundar Pichai confirmed that they are rolling it out this month.

If you are unaware Google reads everything and process that information, including the emails you send and receive. Google knows which Bank you use when you take flight/train, where you work and live.

To say the least, Google knows all about you even more than Facebook or Apple. Google uses all this information to make your experience better at the same time by showing you relevant ads it makes billions of dollars.

Having information makes Google powerful, immensely powerful and how this information is used by Google AI opens up millions of possibilities.

Google Photos – Suggested Actions, Selective Coloring, and Sharing

Google photos are becoming better with every Google update, and the new Google update makes it more amazing.

Suppose you were at a party and clicked 3 pictures with your friend Lisa and Google understands who she is then the Photos App will suggest sharing the photos with Lisa with one click.

Selective Coloring

Furthermore, the Google AI can remove the background colors and pop-up the colors of the subject to make the image more intriguing within the photos App.

Now you don’t need to master Photoshop to make your images standout for uploading to Facebook or Instagram; Google is going to do it for you.


Turn Your Black & White Photos to Color

Another key highlight, If you have a memorable old Black and White photograph that you want to add colors, the Google AI can do it in a blink of an eye.

Improved Google Maps

Google is making the Maps more personal by adding more details for the places near you. Also, the maps will highlight new places are opening close to you and suggested locations based on your visits. So, if you visit a lot of restaurants, Google may show a newly opened restaurant on the Map for you to explore.

Google Lens

Understand Words – Moreover, You can copy words from an image and paste into a text file using the Google lens as it now understands the text in images.

Style Match

The Google lens can show you the best match images for anything that you point it. For example, you point it at a lamp; it can show you a variety of lamps similar to the original image.

The lens works real time and can give the results quickly.

Importantly, Google Lens will be integrated into the camera App of several smartphone manufacturers such as Google, LG ( LG G7 is one of the first phones to launch with it), Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi, Asus and Oneplus.

So, these are some of the exciting new features that are coming to the Android phones apart from the Android P.

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