Google Pixel C Cheaper Alternative to iPAd Pro and Surface Pro 4

Google Pixel C Launches With Latest Google OS

Sundar Pichai at the Google Keynote unveiled the new 10.2-inch tablet along with the Google Nexus 5x and the Google Nexus 6P smartphones.

Google has announced its Hybrid tablet ”Pixel C” comes with an optional keyboard, the Pixel C tablet will run on Android Operating system (Android 6.0 marshmallow) instead of Chrome OS like the Chromebook Pixel.

Google Pixel C Cheaper Alternative to iPAd Pro and Surface Pro 4

Unlike the Google Nexus devices, Google itself built the Pixel C’s hardware. The pixel C has got a physical keyboard which you can attach to the tablet.

Moreover, the keyboard carries a magnet to stick below the tablet.

To open and fold like a Laptop (with 30-degree tilt angle) or sits underneath the tablet covering the back.

There’s no physical connection between the tablet and the keyboard for carrying key tap signals instead it uses Bluetooth and gets connected wirelessly.

The keyboard gets it to power from its battery which gets charged inductively from the tablet.

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The keyboard doesn’t have a touchpad, so it requires to tap or swipe the screen frequently for selections or scrolling



Now coming to the internal hardware, the processor is Nvidia Tegra X1 using a 64-bit architecture. Additionally, it combines with 3 GB DDR4 RAM and a Maxwell GPU for graphics.

Maxwell has been a great technology from Nvidia which is highly energy efficient and at the same time is the best you can buy for gaming or 3D rendering.

The screen measure 10.2 inches with an IPS display having 2560×1800 pixels with a density of 308 pixels per inch.

The display uses the LTPS technology resulting in better performance than standard LCD panels.

The tablet’s back got an 8 Megapixel camera, and there is a 2 Megapixel camera at the front.

The USB port is of latest Type C for faster data transfer and connectivity. Other 2 Nexus smartphones released also has the similar USB Type C port, which is becoming common now for next generation of gadgets.

Google Pixel C Cheaper Alternative to iPAd Pro and Surface Pro 4

Pixel C has a lot of things common with the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and the recently launched 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2 in 1 device.

Price and Availability

The pixel C will cost around 30,000 INR for the 32 GB version and Rs. 6,000 more for the 64 GB version.

You will have to buy the keyboard separately, and it will cost another Rs. 9,000.

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This is a similar strategy to what Apple has done for the iPad Pro where you need to buy the Pencil (stylus) and the keyboard separately if you wish to purchase.

The Google Pixel C is yet not listed the Google Play store, but we expect it to get listed soon. You can watch the Keynote here on Google’s Official website for the Google Pixel C.

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