The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the smartphones Google always wanted to make, the smartphones with not only the best Android experience but a more strongly integrated hardware.

Google Pixel : The Good The Bad

 There are some of the things in which the Pixel shines and some areas where Google need to overshadow competition in the Pixel 2 next year.

5 Major Pros for the Google Pixel

1). Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 – Google Pixel is among the first device other than Xiaomi Mi5s and the Asus Zenfone Deluxe to come with the new Snapdragon Processor. Which makes it 10% faster on paper compared to the Samsung S7 or the HTC 10. Definitely a surprise addition, I had a strong premonition that they would be using SD 820 before launch. It is the fastest processor on the bloc.

2).  Android Nougat 7.1  – It will take a long time for Samsung to get the Nougat on the S7 and S7 edge and on the ill fated Note 7, same applies to HTC 10 and LG G5. Plus added advantage of getting the next Android version on day zero next year makes it worthy.

3). Google Assist – The first smartphone with Google assistance makes it a tough competitor to the Cupertino Giant’s adorable Siri. Moreover the improved AI is going to improve in future and will make it more joyful to use with voice commands. Much effective compared to Siri.

4) Outstanding Camera – I think camera is one of the major deciding factor for purchasing a flagship. Rest everything you can get in any smartphone but a great camera is something which comes with a true high end flag ship. The 12.3 MP rear camera with a DXO score of 89 gives some assurance of it’s quality and the 8 MP front camera is also going to be wonderful.

5)  Google Launcher – The all new Pixel Launcher looks clean and simple, yet adds spice to the new Pixel phones. The launcher may not have plethora of features but the minimalistic design and look tempts me.

6) More Features – The Pixel offers pro camera effects, instant chat support (Allo and Duo). Also an unlimited storage option in the cloud which would save the images and 4K videos in full resolution without compressing it.

5 Things That Could have Been Better

1).  The design is passable but the dual tone finish with the upper body glass finish may not appeal to everyone. It is a good design but not the best or most innovative.

2).  The front has a huge chin which is a wastage of space. An iPhone 7 uses almost that much of space on the chin with even a home button. The Google Pixel also misses a stereo speaker and in turn uses a mono speaker.

3).  Wireless Charging could have been easily added to the smartphone if probably Google would have wanted to do so.

4). Missed on Water/Dust proofing – There’s no extra features such as IP67, IP68 rating. While its a feature which even the iPhone and Samsung high end phones now include .

5). Still no expandable storage, although the 32 GB and 128 GB variants will satisfy most of the users, but an option would’ve been great.

6).  Most importantly the absurdly high launch price. What impressed most Nexus buyers in the past including me was affordable pricing and best hardware. Google in my opinion has failed in doing this with the Pixel smartphones.

Google may be repositioning the brand from Value for money to premium and the best mobile money can buy, but then it is difficult to shed the image which is built after years of conscious effort.

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