Google Strengthens Hardware Capabilities With HTC 1.1 Bn Deal

Google has acquired a part of HTC’s mobile division and to be more precise people who were working on the Pixel 2 smartphone.

Moreover, Google has also acquired the technology and know-how from HTC along with some of its patents to use in future Google devices.

HTC 1.1 Bn Deal

Google Will Fight Apple and Samsung With HTC 1.1 Bn Deal

Also, Google will be paying the Taiwan based HTC 1.1 Billion dollars as part of the agreement.

Vice President Rick Osterloh of Google said that they had signed the agreement with HTC and these fellow Googlers are amazing folks and have been working on the new Pixel smartphones.

Google is set to unveil the second generation of Pixel Phones on 4th October, and they may launch some more devices. The company has previously launched Made By Google initiative and have products like pixel phones, Google Home, Daydream, Chromecast Ultra and Google WIFI.

This year also the company is expected to launch more products.

Google has been a strong player as far as the software and OS goes. Hardware has never been the company’s forte, and they have always been dependent on others for creating hardware.

How Will HTC Mobile Division Acquisition Help Google?

Last year I wrote an article on How Google is becoming Apple with the launch of Pixel phones. In that article, we discussed in detail how Google is changing its hardware strategy from a value for money player to a premium seller, just like Apple.

But with this new acquisition, Google is walking on the path set by Apple. Apple has a firm hold on both software and hardware, and that’s what makes it so compelling. Google wants to be Apple having a more powerful hardware division.

Looking at the past HTC made the First ever Android smartphone called as HTC Dream, and they also made the Nexus One in 2010 as well as the last years Pixel phones.

HTC and Google have good synergy, and it makes good sense for the company to have a dedicated hardware unit. While HTC also gets a good deal of cash which will help them fight Samsung, LG, and Apple for future products.

HTC would continue to sell smartphones and make them under the brand name HTC if that was something HTC were reckoning. HTC also recently launched the HTC U11 in India and Google has also finally launched the Pixel 2.

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