Google Web Light Getting Tested on Mobiles In India

Google Plans to speed up your slow data connection by 4 times or even more with the lighter version of the web, here is what it actually is and what you can expect out of it.

What is Google Web light?

Google web light is a feature in the Google web search which makes your website load very fast on your mobile browser and it takes less data to load any particular website. The service is intended for users who are on a slow data connection(2G).

We observed that Google has started testing the new service on some of the smartphones in India. Our Google Nexus 5 also started getting lighter webpages in the search results. We are on 3G still got the cached pages in google search results.

Google Web Light Getting Tested on Mobiles In India

If Google detects you are on a slow connection they start serving you cached lighter version of the website pages which appear in the search result here is a snapshot of how the Candytech Mobile page looks when served by Google as a lighter version and the original sized mobile web page.

The ‘Google Web Light’ service will load webpages 4 times faster than normal and along with that the data consumption will be reduced to 80% and users will be able to view 50% more pages In short, it should make your browsing much faster than it would be if you loaded a regular page.

Lets Check out How Candytech Looks With the Google Web light Version On Mobile:

Google Web Light Getting Tested on Mobiles In India
The Google Web light Version of candytech
Google Web Light Getting Tested on Mobiles In India
The Original Version Of candytech

Another Website Pro-Blogger with Google Web light Version.

Google Web Light Getting Tested on Mobiles In India

The message comes on Top Every Time Google Web light Pages are served “Google detected you’re on a slow connection and optimized this page to use 80% less data.”  

Google started testing this service in countries which has slow 2G or edge data connections and found it useful for the users who are not able to surf the web with very slow data connections.

We actually had high speed data connection (3G) on our device yet Google is detecting it as a slow connection and serving us with the cached copy of the website.

The user experience is totally destroyed in my opinion with the lighter web pages which Google is serving and for users who don’t want it there is no way that you can turn off this feature as of now.

Sites and images may not look as the original design of the mobile website, check the problogger snapshot above the design is completely lost, speed improvement is okay but user experience has to be a priority.

If you search for a term in Google and you open the website, it will appear as a cached page and you will have to click again on the notification if you wish to see the original website rather than the cached copy.

The service is good for those who have a very slow connection, but if it working on high speed data connections and forcibly calling them slow, it is a big pain for Android users. Google has been testing the weblight service but the option to disable the service is not yet available on the browsers.

The issue is not with chrome alone, but with Opera mini, firefox and UC browser as well. Google mostly detects my connection as a slow connection and renders the poor version of the website.

Some of the Android Lollipop users in India might have already faced the annoying cached pages even on a high speed connection. The service is still in beta testing and Google has not officially announced that they are testing it in India or when they are going to launch it in India.

The Google web-light is already live in Indonesia and Google plan to launch it in the developing countries like India and Brazil. Google announced and showcased the service during the Google I/O developer conference 2015 some weeks back. Google also introduced the low cost Android One smartphones in India and other markets to increase internet penetration, and this is the second large Google Initiative.



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