Graphics cards are the powerhouses of gaming Rigs and no matter what consoles are capable of, they will never match the graphics card performance, at least in the near future. Recent estimates are that the graphics card market is valued at $ 21 billion despite the decline in last couple of years.

No valuation data is available for the size of Indian Graphics card market. Nvidia & AMD launched the latest graphics card series more than 6 months back and have reduced sales focus from the 670’s & 680’s after launch of  7XX series, and rumored that they will add the Maxwell(GTX 980 and GTX 970)also by fall 2014.

 While AMD have reduced focus now from 7900 & 7800’s after the launch of R7 & R9 series which is doing well for AMD. AMD is yet to launch the new series of the graphics card with HBM(high bandwidth memory) the R9 380 and 390.

These are some of the Best Suggestions if you are looking for the best graphics card to buy in India. If you find any shortcoming in the article or want to add anything, be my guest to add comments below.

As Sir Ken Robinson said “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”. I try to share what I consider best for Candytech readers.
Graphics Card Comparison Nvidia and AMD India
Nvidia GTX 760

To create the recommendation list of Graphics Cards – Price and performance are the two major factors used:

  1. Performance (only gaming performance is considered no synthetic benchmarks)
  2. Price (from online key retailers )

Price may vary from time to time so please pardon for any such changes, performance will be more consistent (though depends on the processor, Ram and motherboard you are using). If you are looking for a long review for a particular graphics card and deep dive analysis. This article is not for you, you can check Candytech’s Computer section for that or other Tech websites you please.

The article purely tells a recommendation list based on India price and gaming performance which graphics card is better in its respective segment.

 Nvidia has launched GT 730 and GT 740 recently on 30th June 2014, yet price and availability were not available with accuracy hence they have not been included.

We have no Graphics card segmentation for the Indian market, here is a brief price band wise segmentation especially for Indian gamers, and I will follow this in future as well to classify graphics cards on Candytech.

Graphics Card Segmentation

o   Main Stream Graphic Cards – Rs. 4000 to 10000

o   Enthusiast Graphic Cards – Rs. 10000- 20000

o   High-End Graphic  Cards – Rs. 20000 – 30000

o   Extreme Graphic  Cards – beyond Rs. 30000

 Main Stream Graphics Card Comparison Nvidia and AMD July 2014

I have selected 3 mainstream graphics card below Rs. 10000 in this segment and 3 enthusiast Graphics Card below Rs. 20,000. Will most likely share the recommendation list for High End and Extreme Graphics card in the coming week.

New GTA 5 PC Trailer 1080P 60FPS is Stunning

Main Stream Graphics card – GT 640 1gb DDR5 – The low end of mainstream has huge competition and very strange configuration(1gb, 2gb & even 4Gb “why the hell they have a 4 Gb”) and it is according to me most difficult section to pick a card which offers best value for money. Nvidia GT 640 1gb DDR5 & 2Gb DDR3 stands out in the performance per rupee.

They both have almost same performance but GDDR5 is better by 3-4 FPS and you can buy DDR5 1 GB version over 2gb version. Memory bandwidth is 64bit in the 1gb version and instinct will tell you to go ahead with the 128 bit 2gb DDR3 version but GK 208 GPU architecture makes the 1 Gb version faster with a higher core clock speed of 1046 Vs 900 in the old   Nvidia GT 630 2gb DDR 3 Version.

GT 640 competes with R7 -240 and has a better performance in most new gaming titles by 4-5 frames per second at least.  Also  compared to the GT 630  a GT 640 offers better FPS in games, don’t be enticed by 4gb GT 630 it offers relatively low performance and the additional memory is not of any use.

Runner up is R7 240 with 1 Gb DDR5, not the 2Gb DDR3 version which 2Gb DDR3 version does not offer better frame rates in gaming titles compared to the 1Gb  GDDR5 version. It will cost you slightly less compared to a GT 640 go for either of these as per your budget.  I have shared gaming performance in 5 games at the end of the recommendation list.

Price – 5500

Recommended Gaming resolution – 1280*720

Game Setting – Medium to low in Demanding latest titles, AA off

Preferred Brand – Zotac(choose what you like)

Main Stream Graphics Card R7 250X – The card is significantly better than an R7 240 or a GT 640 and you can get approx. 50% to 80% FPS gain in various gaming titles  for additional 3000 rupee. This card is worth buying and would recommend budget buyers to go for this. A graphics card purchase is a decision you take for the long run.

Sapphire AMD R7 250X

Price -8100-8800

Gaming resolution – 720p

Game Setting –low and Medium in latest titles like watch dogs & Battlefield 4, 30fps will not be a problem, AA off, medium settings for less demanding games like Grid2 or CS GO.

Preferred Brand – Sapphire (choose what you like)

Main Stream Graphics Card  R7 260X – In this segment there are many choices like GT 650, GT 650Ti and R7 260 and R7 260x. I recommend going ahead with an R7 260x it offers best value for money. It is a good contender for the top spot for a budget around Rs. 8000. Based on a version of AMD’s Bonaire GPU, the R7 260X is one of AMD’s latest-generation GCN 1.1 GPUs. Offering a good balance between price and performance, it should be able to run most games even at 1080p with medium-to-low settings and on high for 720p resolution. It’s 2GB of VRAM should allow the use of higher quality textures in most current games. Watchdogs, Battlefield 4, GRID 2, and even Total War: Rome 2 can easily be played at a good level of details with this card. With R7 260X, you can expect a performance increase of approx. 20 – 40% over an R7 250X so that means your additional 1800 rupees is giving approx. 30% FPS gain.

Runner up card is Nvidia GT 750 which runs on lesser power, you can opt for GTX 750 if you have a power supply constraint. You can go ahead with GT 750 if your power supply is less than 500 also check 750 manufacturer recommendation before buying. (If you don’t want to invest in a new power supply). Power supply required for an R7 260X is about 500 Watt vs 300-400 Watt for a Nvidia GTX 750.

Gaming resolution – 720p or 1080p

Game Setting – Medium  in Demanding latest titles, AA off on 1080p , Medium to High for 720p

Price – Rs. 10,000

Preferred Brand – Sapphire or XFX or Asus if you get below 10,000(choose what you like)

You can also read the latest suggestion for Best Graphics cards for Price Range of Rs. 5000 – 10,000. If you have a lower budget can check out the Best Sub-5K Graphics cards in India.

Enthusiast Graphics Card Comparison Nvidia and AMD India

 Enthusiast Graphics Card  – Nvidia GTX 750 Ti –  Nvidia has been less rewarding, for the value for money segment, the GTX 750 is slower than the R7 260x by approx. 10% which is huge specially when you want to maximize returns. Gt 750 ti wins over a 260x and offers almost same performance as a R7 265.

In some key benchmarks I have seen a 265 take a lead by a small amount but for its price a 750ti is a good card. Nvidia 750 ti not only is good but also a very power efficient card and runs cooler.

Nvidia Galaxy 750ti

If you can spare additional Rs. 1000-1500 best buy will be a GTX 660 as Nvidia has reduced prices from earlier 16000 to 13,000. A 750 Ti offers approx. 10-15% performance gain on a R7-260x and in some titles even less.

Gaming resolution – 720p or 1080p

Game Setting – Medium  in Demanding latest titles, AA off on 1080p , Medium to High for 720p

Price – Rs. 11,250

Preferred Brand – MSI or Zotac(choose what you like)

  Enthusiast Graphic Cards – R9 270x (read review) – It is one of the card’s which offers tremendous value for money and can be called as a superb deal for its current price. Priced around 15000-16000 it offers way more performance than a 750ti or a GTX 660 and inches close to the more expensive Nvidia 760. R9 270x is attractively priced and fit for enthusiast level gamers which will enable them to play titles like BF4 , Assassin creed on high settings. Even the dreaded titles like Crysis 3 and metro last light you can expect a 40 fps plus frame rate on high quality on a 1080p screen. If you are planning to club it with a 1280*720 or 1600*900 screen it will just thrill you for the best gaming experience.

The card is available in 2gb and 4gb version – I would suggest to go ahead with a 2gb version if you are gaming on a single monitor upto 1920*1080 resolution for which the card will offer smooth frame rates in game with no stuttering. (read why you should not go with 4gb version)

 The 4gb may not help, as underpowered GPU may not be able to render graphics on 2k or 4k resolution on high settings. So my advice is to go ahead with the 2gb version. If you are looking for a card beyond R9-270 would recommend you to go ahead with a Nvidia GTX 760 or if budget permits AMD R9 -280X.

 As mentioned earlier ,one more thing before we conclude Nvidia has reduced the price for Nvidia GTX 660 if you have very strict budget around 13,00 you can look at buying the GTX 660 which is slightly slower than an R9-270X. I reviewed Nvidia GTX 660 some time back you can refer benchmarks here.

Enthusiast Graphic Cards – Nvidia GTX 760

 Enthusiast Graphic Cards – Nvidia GTX 760 – As we move up we have an option to buy a R9 270x with 4gb memory or GTX 760. GTX 760 is a better option to buy for 18000 and if you have a budget constraint and don’t want to go for 280x which will offer way superior performance. You can go ahead for GTX 760 which is approximately 7-10% faster in various title versus an R9 270X also you will get Nvidia’s Watch Dog bundle offer with this card.


Nvidia 760 has a PCIe 3.0 x16 support and memory Size is 2048 MB, GDDR5, 256 bit Core clock at 915 MHz & Memory Clock speed at 1502 MHz       with 1344 shader units. Some of the tech enthusiast would argue to go with a 3Gb or 4gb card in this range but frankly you will get only 1-2 FPS difference with a 4gb Vs 2gb on 1080p at max.

Also for 4k gaming Nvidia 760 is way underpowered GPU so no point looking for 3-4 gb card in this range.

 Gaming resolution – 1080p

Game Setting – Medium to high, very high  in some Demanding latest titles, AA on 1080p , High or Ultra for 720p , Battlefield 4 , Watchdogs and other latest titles can be easily played on 1080p with 40+ FPS on high settings.

Price – Rs. 17,700 – 18,000

Preferred Brand –  MSI or Asus(choose what you like).

In this Price Range you can also buy the New Nvidia GTX 960 Graphics card. 

Asus Strix GTX 960 DC2OC

I will be adding a second recommendation list in the coming week for High End and Extreme Graphics Cards so stay tuned to Candytech(House of tech).

Thanks for reading the article, this is an individual work and I give unbiased recommendation/review on graphics cards and all other products/services. Please feel free to share your comments below and subscribe to Candytech weekly newsletter to stay tuned.( We don’t email ads or tell you how to make money)

Other information

System Specs  – Core i7 3770k and 16 gb Corsair DDR3 Ram, ASRock Z87 Extreme6 motherboard.   
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  1. Will a CRT monitor support display of “Nvidia GTX 760” by hdmi to vga adapter?if yes then I could buy a Nvidia GTX 760 now and a hd monitor later…..

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  4. This “review” not only lacks any high end analysis, but is outdated and slants heavily towards Nvidia. The 750 Ti is most certainly not “slightly slower” than a 265, which competes in the same league as the 660, and there is absolutely no reason to get the GT 640 over either the 250 or the recently released Kepler-based 730 (not the Fermi-based version)

    Including a wider range of graphics cards other than the ones you recommended in your performance graph would also be prudent.

    1. Many Thanks for your inputs Larry, I have mentioned that it is a recommendation list only and benchmarks are meant to help buying decision if you want to read full review please see computer section or any other website it is not a detailed review and will not be justice to completely review 7 cards in one article. secondly we have different pricing in India R7 265 is expensive compared to 750 ti by approx 30$ and new kepler based GT 730 and 740 are yet not available hence GT 640 makes perfect sense!

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