GTX 980 Ti Vs GTX 970 SLI The Better Choice

Nvidia launched the GTX 980 Ti recently based on the GM 200 Architecture and the graphics card is priced @ $650 or Rs. 56,000. The GTX 980 ti is very similar to the Nvidia Flagship GPU Nvidia GTX Titan X which was launched couple of months back and was priced at $ 1000.

GTX 980 Ti Vs GTX 970 SLI The Better Choice

The GTX 980 Ti surprised everyone with ultimate performance that it offers and came very close to the much expensive GTX Titan X in most titles at 4k and 2k resolution.

The Gamers who would have bought the 12 GB Nvidia GTX Titan would have been wondering why they actually wasted additional $350, may be just to brag they have the fastest graphics card with massive 12 GB VRAM.

The Nvidia GTX 980 Ti is 3-5% slower compared to the GTX Titan X,  so it doesnot make any sense to buy the GTX Titan X for you unless you have couple of million dollars rotting in bank safe.

The next important question is whether to buy the GTX 980 Ti or get the two GTX 970’s. Before I answer this let’s look at some of the benchmarks for GTX 980 Ti Vs GTX 970 SLI.

Benchmark Performance Nvidia GTX 980 Ti VS Nvidia GTX 970 SLI 

Resolution 1440P Avg FPS Nvidia GTX 980 TI Nvidia GTX 970 – Sli % Faster
GTA 5 47 50 6%
Hitman Absolution 63 71 13%
Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor 81 88 9%
Tomb Raider 86 98 14%
Unigine Heaven 4 benchmark 60 64 7%
Witcher 3 45 45 0%
Aggregate 63.67 69.33 9%

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Vs Nvidia GTX 970 SLI

The GTX 970 SLI is no doubt faster than the single GTX 980 Ti by 9% in most of the modern gaming titles. The difference between the FPS is very low for the games like Witcher 3, GTA 5 between the GTX 980 ti Vs GTX 970 SLI performance.

Let’s first consider the price for both setups if you are buying a Single GTX 980 Ti you may be spending $650 while two GTX 970 will cost close to $620. Saving on the GTX 970’s is 30 dollars that is not too much. (India – 2 GTX 970 cost 56,000 and single GTX 980 Ti cost Rs. 57,000 not much difference).

Should You buy the GTX 980 Ti – 5 Strong reasons You Should

  1. Despite all the driver optimizations the SLI profiles always don’t work flawlessly. The Single GTX 980 ti offers better and smoother gameplay.
  2. A lot of games are not able to take advantage of SLI initially takes some driver updates to work them properly.
  3. Micro stuttering is there in a lot of games and need more effort to turn on/off features to make games work.
  4. Option to upgrade in future by adding another GTX 980 TI.
  5. Less power consumption & Hear from single card compared to two cards running in SLI.

Why You should Get the Nvidia GTX 970 SLI :

  1. You care more about the 10-15% extra performance that GTX 970 SLI can offer.
  2. Most important reason if you already have a GTX 970, if you sell it will incur loss and again time waste on selling and getting new card.
  3. You are ble to a get the second GTX 970 used card much cheaper and already have one.

In this case I would prefer to buy a Single GTX 980 Ti which is a great graphics card for a very aggressive price.

In-fact if you are looking to buy a GTX 980 should plan to get the GTX 980 Ti as it is so much better and faster and current price makes it a great buy.

If you already have a GTX 970 and if you are able to sell it at good price would recommend to do that and get the GTX 980 Ti or else if it difficult to sell off then you are best placed to buy the GTX 970. You may wait for some more days as AMD is going to launch the AMD 390X and 380X, and compare the performance and later buy whatever suits you.



  1. Please make an article on good 24″-27″ gaming monitors to be used with different types of GPUs keeping in mind the availability of them in India. It would be appreciated


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