Nvidia launched the GTX 980 Ti recently based on the GM 200 Architecture, and the graphics card is priced @ $650 or Rs. 56,000. The GTX 980Ti is very similar to the Nvidia Flagship GPU Nvidia GTX Titan X which was launched a couple of months back and was priced at $ 1000.

GTX 980 Ti Vs GTX 970 SLI The Better Choice

The GTX 980 Ti surprised everyone with an ultimate performance that it offers and came very close to the much expensive GTX Titan X in most titles at 4k and 2k resolution.

The Gamers who would have bought the 12 GB Nvidia GTX Titan would have been wondering why they wasted additional $350, maybe just to brag they have the fastest graphics card with massive 12 GB VRAM.

The Nvidia GTX 980 Ti is 3-5% slower compared to the GTX Titan X,  so it does not make any sense to buy the GTX Titan X for you unless you have a couple of million dollars rotting in the bank safe.

The next important question is whether to buy the GTX 980 Ti or get the two GTX 970’s. Before I answer this let’s look at some of the benchmarks for GTX 980 Ti Vs. GTX 970 SLI.

Benchmark Performance Nvidia GTX 980 Ti VS Nvidia GTX 970 SLI 

Resolution 1440P Avg FPSNvidia GTX 980 TINvidia GTX 970 – Sli% Faster
GTA 547506%
Hitman Absolution637113%
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor81889%
Tomb Raider869814%
Unigine Heaven 4 benchmark60647%
Witcher 345450%
Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Vs Nvidia GTX 970 SLI

The GTX 970 SLI is no doubt faster than the single GTX 980 Ti by 9% in most of the modern gaming titles. The difference between the FPS is very low for the games like Witcher 3, GTA 5 between the GTX 980 ti Vs GTX 970 SLI performance.

Let’s first consider the price for both setups if you are buying a Single GTX 980 Ti you may be spending $650 while two GTX 970 will cost close to $620. Saving on the GTX 970’s is 30 dollars that is not too much. (India – 2 GTX 970 cost 56,000 and single GTX 980 Ti cost Rs. 57,000 not much difference).

Should You buy the GTX 980 Ti – 5 Strong reasons You Should

  1. Despite all the driver optimizations the SLI profiles always don’t work flawlessly. The Single GTX 980Ti offers better and smoother gameplay.
  2. A lot of games are not able to take advantage of SLI initially takes some driver updates to work them properly.
  3. Micro stuttering is there in a lot of games and needs more effort to turn on/off features to make games work.
  4. Option to upgrade in future by adding another GTX 980 TI.
  5. Less power consumption & Hear from single card compared to two cards running in SLI.

Why You Should Get the Nvidia GTX 970 SLI :

  1. You care more about the 10-15% extra performance that GTX 970 SLI can offer.
  2. Most important reason if you already have a GTX 970, if you sell it will incur a loss and again time waste on selling and getting a new card.
  3. You can a get the second GTX 970 used card much cheaper and already have one.

In this case, I would prefer to buy a Single GTX 980 Ti which is a great graphics card for a very aggressive price.

In-fact if you are looking to buy a GTX 980 should plan to get the GTX 980 Ti as it is so much better and faster and current price makes it a great buy.

If you already have a GTX 970 and if you can sell it at a good price would recommend to do that and get the GTX 980 Ti or else if it difficult to sell off then you are best placed to buy the GTX 970. You may wait for some more days as AMD is going to launch the AMD 390X and 380X, and compare the performance and later buy whatever suits you.

Brief Review Nvidia GTX 980 Ti – India

Nvidia yesterday launched the latest GPU in the high-end range. The latest GPU is priced at $649(Rs. 39,000) but will be launch in the Indian market next week between Rs. 56,000 and 60,000.

The GTX 980 currently costs $550(or Rs. 33,000) in the US market while in Indian market it is trading between Rs. 45,000 to 49,000 depending upon manufacturers.

Brief Review Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Priced 56K India

Considering the current price of GTX 980, we can say it will get priced between 56k and 60K once It gets listed on top e-retailers like Flipkart and Amazon. The price for the reference graphic card is going to Rs. 56,000 and will be available from next week for major brands like Zotac, Asus, MSI and Gigabyte in India.

We confirmed the price and availability of 980 ti from the Nvidia India spokesperson and the 56K price is for the reference model. Different brands will have different prices for Nvidia GTX 980 ti.

Nvidia has been ruling the Graphics cards market since last September when it ravished AMD with the launch of Maxwell-based GTX 980 and GTX 970. Both the graphics card dethroned the AMD 290X and 290 with performance and great energy efficiency.

Then happened the GTX 970 controversy of 3.5 GB VRAM, yet GTX 970 is the best graphics card priced @ 28K.

The GTX 970 and GTX 980 were based on GM 204 Architecture while the flagship graphics card GTX Titan X launched in March 2015 was the first GM 200 architecture based card.

The Nvidia GTX 980 Ti is also based on the GM 200 architecture and is very close in performance to GTX Titan on paper based on specs it is 8% slower than the Nvidia GTX Titan X , we will later explore based on initial benchmarks how fast is the GTX 980 ti VS GTX 980 and Titan X.

The Nvidia GTX 980 Supports Following Technologies :

  • VR Ready – This is going to be crucial once VR Headsets hits the markets.
  • Multi-Frame sampled Anti-Aliasing (MFAA).
  • Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) for better image quality.
  • Voxel Global Illumination (VXGI) – Part of Nvidia Gameworks program.
  • NVIDIA GameStream to the portable devices.
  • G-SYNC, Nvidia V-Sync.
  • Nvidia GPU Boost 2.0.
  • SLI – Supports 4 Way Sli.
  • Nvidia Surround up to four Monitors.
  • Supports 4K resolution and 3D Monitors.
  • Directx 12 Compliant.

The GTX 980 Ti is based on the GM 200 architecture and has 6 GB VRAM and is best suited for 2560*1440 resolution or 4K gaming.

Key Specs of Nvidia GTX 980 Ti, Titan X, GTX 980 and GTX 970

Specifications GTX Titan XGTX 980 TiGTX 980GX 970
CUDA Cores3072281620481664
Texture Units192176128104
Core Clock1000MHz1000MHz1126MHz1050 Mhz
Boost Clock1075MHz1075MHz1216MHz1178 Mhz
Memory Clock7GHz GDDR57GHz GDDR57GHz GDDR57GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width384-bit384-bit256-bit256 Bit
TDP250 Watts250 Watts165 Watts125 Watts
Transistor Count8-Billion8-Billion5.2- Billion5.2- Billion
Manufacturing Process28 Nm Process28 Nm Process28 Nm Process28 Nm Process
Launch Date3/17/20156/1/20159/18/20149/18/2014
Current PriceRs. 90000Rs. 55999Rs. 46,000Rs. 28,000

Some Other Essential Specs for Nvidia GTX 980 TI

  • Height – 4.4 cm.
  • Length – 10.5 inch.
  • Max GPU Temp – 92 degrees C.
  • Max GPU Power – 250 Watts.
  • Power Supply Required – 600 Watts.
  • Power Connector Required – 6 Pin + 8 Pin .

Brief Review Nvidia GTX 980 Ti  Priced 56K India

Design and Build 

The Graphics card looks similar to the Nvidia GTX 980; the graphics card offer adequate cooling with a neat and aggressive design.

Brief Review Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Priced 56K India
Nvidia GTX 980 ti front image

All Nvidia GPU Relative Gaming Performance:

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Relative Performance VS all Cards

Relative Performance Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Vs Nvidia GTX 780 Ti Vs GTX 680

Brief Review Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Priced 56K India

Image Source – Nvidia

Gaming Benchmarks and Performance Nvidia GTX 980 ti

Test System Specs

  • Asrock Z97 Extreme 6 Motherboard
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM 1866 MHZ Clock
  • 1200 Watts PSU
  • Intel Core i7 4790K clocked at 4.6 GHz.
  • Dell 2560*1440 P 27 inch monitor
  • Corsair Liquid Cooler H70i

Let’s check out the Gaming Performance of Nvidia GTX 980 Ti, Nvidia GTX 980, Nvidia GTX Titan X, AMD R9 295 X2, AMD 290X, AMD 280X.

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Becnhmark BF4 2K

In Battlefield 4 AMD 295 X2 leads the pack with 95 Avg FPS , Nvidia Titan X with 79 Avg. FPS and GTX 980 Ti with 77 FPS, there is hardly any difference between the Titan X and the Nvidia GTX 980 Ti.

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Becnhmark Crysis3 2K

In Far Cry 4 AMD 295 X2 leads the pack with 88 Avg FPS, Nvidia Titan X with 76 Avg. FPS and GTX 980 Ti with 73 FPS, very close to the Titan X.

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Becnhmark Farcry4 2K

In GTA 5 AMD 295 X2 leads the pack again with 70 Avg FPS, Nvidia Titan X with 58 Avg. FPS and GTX 980 Ti with 56 FPS,  the gap is wider with the GTX 980 stuck at 45 Avg FPS and AMD 290X at 35 FPS. The AMD 280X reaches 26 FPS.

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Becnhmark GTA5 2K
Let’s Look at the Power Consumption, Noise Levels, and Load temperature while Playing GTA 5.
Nvidia GTX 980 Ti temperature 2K

AMD R9 295 X2 with its liquid cooler maintains the lowest temperature of 72 degrees, the Nvidia GTX 980 Ti manages 83 max temp which is little high.

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Power Consumption 2K

Don’t look at the red line of AMD 295 X2 , it consumes too much power under load and generates a lot of heat as well.

Brief Review Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Priced 56K India

Noise levels are almost similar for all graphics cards.

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti

The Nvidia GTX 980 Ti is an excellent card if we consider the US pricing of $650, it almost reaches the performance of Nvidia GTX Titan X.  In real-world gaming, it’s 3-4% slower than the Nvidia GTX Titan X.

Other than offering great performance Nvidia is also offering the yet to be released title Batman Arkham Nights with the GTX 980 Ti.

Gaming PC Build Using a GTX 980 Ti

Let’s look at how much you need approximately to buy a Gaming PC using Nvidia GTX 980, 980 Ti and Titan X in India. I am considering we buy Core i7 4790K with a good Z97 board 16 GB RAM, HDD and SSD, good gaming case, PSU, Cabinet and a 2K or 4K monitor.

Expected PC Cost in India Using a GTX 980 Ti 

 Graphics CardPrice in US DollarsIndia Price Rs.Expected PC Cost
Nvidia GTX Titan X                      1,000       87,000       200,000
GTX 980 Ti          650       56,000       155,000
GTX 980         550       47,850       130,000
GTX 970                     320       28,800          80,000

Verdict – Nvidia GTX 980 Ti

AMD R9 390X VS Nvidia GTX 980 Ti

Nvidia doesn’t want to give any space to AMD in this year as well and wants to maintain/increase the market share.  AMD R9 295 X2 the monster graphics card with 2 R9 290X running simultaneously offers great performance per dollar with 600$ pricing.

AMD is also planning to launch the AMD R9 390 and 390X in June 2015, and it is worth for gamers to wait for the launch. Now Nvidia has yet again raised the bar by launching a near flagship card at $650 which is $350 cheaper compared to the Nvidia GTX Titan X and almost touches the Titan X in performance or beats it once overclocked. AMD is left with only two choices if they plan to be successful

  • The HBM(high bandwidth Memory) 390X, 390 cards outperform the current Nvidia GTX 980 ti and GTX 980
  • The new AMD cards are available cheaper in comparison to Nvidia if they can’t beat these.


Pricing is a big concern for Indian buyers who have a per-capita income way less than Americans or European countries and yet get the PC hardware at an insanely high price. Forget 4K here in India 2K or 1080P is a luxury few can afford.

A good PC with 1080P running with GTX 970 will cost above 80,000 which is beyond budget for a vast majority of gamers in India.

Price for high-end graphics cards is absurdly high in the Indian market. Even the $200(US Price) GTX 960 is currently available for Rs. 17,000($280). This is insane the pricing need to be rational in the Indian and other developing markets at least equal to the US market if not lower.

With the current expected price of GTX 980 Ti around 55K, I don’t see too many getting sold. Here is Candytech we receive hundreds of requests for helping in building Gaming PC build every week. Only 2-3% of these requests are from gamers looking at GTX 970 or beyond for building a gaming PC.

Should you upgrade to GTX 980 Ti or should you wait?

Besides, I will advise to wait for the new AMD cards and let’s see how they do in Gaming benchmarks and if some price correction happens once AMD launches new graphics cards.

Moreover, If you already have 290X or bought a GTX 970, I would again suggest waiting for maybe end of this year where we can see graphics card getting launched with 22nm or smaller manufacturing process, the current gen of graphics card from Nvidia and AMD use 28 NM technology. The next gen cards will be true 4K gaming cards and will also offer great performance.

If you are gaming on 280X or GTX 770 or anything lower and want to ramp up to 2K or 4K gaming hold on for a month and check AMD cards and then buy the AMD or Nvidia Graphics cards based on performance/ dollar or rupee.

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