Here is a $300 Apple Book Everyone Should Buy

Apple has released its new Book named as “Designed By Apple in California” . It costs $ 299 (Rs. 20,000), and its mini version costs $199 (Rs. 13,500).

By the term, “Book” don’t misinterpret it as Apple’s new budget laptop. This a hardcover book with 450 pages of photos. The book is released as a memorial to late founder Steve Jobs.

Here is a $300 Apple Book Everyone Should Buy

The book comes with 450 pages of photos, that documents Apple products released since 1998. The Book has a preface By Jonathan Paul (Jony Ive), chief design officer at Apple. Jony Ive is designer of Apple products like MacBook, Ipad, Apple watch, and iPhone.

He says “the idea of genuinely trying to make something great for humanity was Steve’s motivation from the beginning, and it remains as both our ideal and goal as Apple looks to the future”

“This archive is intended to be a gentle gathering of many of the products the team has designed over the years. We hope it brings some understanding of how and why they exist while serving as a resource for students of all design disciplines.”

What Does the $300 Book Come with? 

The book comes with nothing, but photos of all apple products, these photos showcases 20 years of Apple products. It shows glimpses of some products at the manufacturing stage and the tools used for fabrication.

Here is a $300 Apple Book Everyone Should Buy


Apple’s way of describing the Book was just enough to convince any brand fanatic to buy this book.

It says “the book is printed with specially milled custom dyed paper and glided matte silver edges, using eight color separators and low-ghost ink.  The linen bound, hardcover volume was developed over an eight-year period”.

Whats Missing This Time 

Apple is following its “get rid of”  strategy in its new book too. Apple has become notorious for getting rid of useful features, like the recent removal of 3.5 mm jack on the iPhone 7;  USB ports on the new Mac Book Pro. So, What’s missing here?

The book is missing “Text”. There is no text in this book except the preface from Jony Ive.  All you can do with this book is just admire some of the Apple product pictures. There are no details or titles either. How exciting it is to pay $300 for just admiring Apple product pictures.

We think Apple may soon release a separate book for $100 that provides a description of photos, that are featured in this book.

Who is the book meant for?

The book is exclusively made for people who like to flaunt their wealth or are super crazy Apple fans. Ideally, Apple should also give a “True Apple Fan Certificate” with every purchase.

Apple Book 3

It comes at affordable $199 price for the smaller version measuring ( 10.20 inch * 12.75 inches), And only $299 for the larger one measuring (13 inches * 16.25 inch). You need to pay $100 more, for the 3-inch large pages. Currently, the book has only limited number of stock and is available only in a limited number of stores.  Initially, this book will be available in the following countries Australia, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, UK, USA.

Its little disappointing for Apple fans in India, since it is yet not available here.  Don’t despair; May Apple grant your wish soon. Moreover, if you are thinking that I have been making this whole story up here is official Apple announcement of the new Apple Book(chronicles 20 years of Apple design).

There is no denying the fact that Apple products are great but $300 for a book, that is a tad high even from Apple standards.

P.S – I am usually not as sarcastic, not today Apple, not today.  Also, read – How Google is becoming Apple with the new Pixel phones.

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