Google has made it really simple to find your lost phone using “ find my phone” keywords in your browser. In case your smartphone is stolen or you left it your office or college this is an extremely helpful service.

Google has launched a new “find my phone” service which can trace your smartphone no matter where it is.


STEP 1: How to find Your Lost Android Smartphone.

What you have to do is open up chrome or any other browser you are using and login to your Google account.

You can log into your google account by opening gmail and signing in.

Step 2: Finding Your Phone

Once you are logged into your google account you can Open and simply type “find my phone”

And you will see a map as shown in the below picture.

find my phone Google

Google was able to track my smartphone correctly up to 21 meters correctly. (Below image is blurred)

find my phone Google3

Google identified my smartphone as Google Nexus and ask for re login though, I was already logged in the browser.

There is one prerequisite for Google to track your lost or stolen android smartphone, you need to enable the location settings on your smartphone. If location settings are not on then Google will not be able to track your smartphone.

Location settings are biggest battery drainers, however it is essential for you to keep them On in case you wish to track the smartphone.

You can enable the location setting for Android Smartphone as shown in the Picture Below :


If your smartphone location is on google will be able to track the smartphone. It can track it upto a radius of 10m in my case, it may vary from user to user.

The bad news is, if you have lost it in your home, put it in the laundry basket, has fallen under the bed or your kids have hidden it somewhere, google will not be able to tell you where is it exactly.

The good news is you can ring your smartphone from the Ring button shown on the browser.  It is really helpful for people who tend to keep the phone somewhere in house and then forget.  You can also do it if you have another phone at hand.

If your phone is stolen in Mumbai or Delhi and finally you are able to track it, but unfortunately thief has sent it to his cousin in Kerala, what is the point of tracking it then.

Google allows you to wipe your data and lock the smartphone as well.  This is excellent feature, you may not get the phone back but the thief will also not be able to use it.

Try The “Find My Phone” now on google and have fun with it. There is a really cool trick which you can pull with this service.

Find Where Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend is Track their Mobile Phone 🙂

You want to know where your wife/GF or Husband/BF is at any point.  You just need their Gmail ID and password.

Login to your browser and  use their google account information and track the phone.

Give them a call and ask them “ What are you doing in that place”  they will be surprised how you know where they are.

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