How to Install Android Lollipop on Moto E

Motorola has confirmed lollipop update and released soak test for our best budget smartphone Moto E, but the soak test is available only for a limited number of users. So if you have missed the soak test registration and curious to get lollipop even before the official OTA update. We will guide you step by step to install the update manually.

Note: If you are a rooted user, you may not receive the official OTA so first make sure you have stock Android (you must be in stock ROM).

By doing, this manual update your Moto E is still staying un-rooted, your warranty may or may not get void, and you are likely to get future OTA updates if released by Motorola. However, do it at your own risk. We do not guarantee as warranty and updates are a matter of Motorola’s internal policy.


Before starting the update process

-Update the Motorola update service App.

Android Lollipop Moto E


-Make sure that your device is charged up to 100% else connect to a charger while updating. But make sure you have 80% or more battery.

-Start with less or no third party Apps in order to reduce the time taken for optimizing the Apps

-Keep at least 600 MB space free space


Download the soak test OTA ZIP file from this link  Motorola Soak Test File


Now rename the file as


Copy the ZIP file and paste it in the root directory of internal and external memory (SD 0 and SD 1)

Android Lollipop Moto E 2

Now go to settings > about phone and tap the system update, you will be delighted to see the notification to Update.

Android Lollipop Moto E 3

Now tap yes, I’m in and then install now.


Now everything is done all you need is patience until lollipop boots for first time. The update process may take more than 15 minutes.

Now you got lollipop on your Moto E.

Android Lollipop Moto E 4

We have already tested this update process in  Moto E and the device runs smoothly without any problems (may lag for few minutes at first boot) so you can surely do this steps without any hesitation.

After this update, the battery backup of the device is greatly improved, but it lacks the guest mode.

If you have any doubts in these steps, feel free to ask in the comments.

Disclaimer – I am not responsible for any Goof Up you do while installation the process worked for me and several other users. Please hold on for an Official update from Motorola in case you have a concern of warranty or whether you will get future updates from Motorola. Warranty and updates are the matter of company policy and are difficult to comment on it.

Here is what Motorola Replied When Contacted About Future Updates by one of the readers :

Moto E update to Lollipop Moto E update to Lollipop

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  1. I downloaded the zip file 5.1 lollipop official ota it has 209MB file…after downloading the file and placed this file internal and external memory and rename to 22.21.32.rebbot my device and goto>settings>softwear upadate…
    .but I did not get any update 5.1lollipop
    Please help me how to get update my device to 5.1

  2. not working for me tryd many timez

    android ver 4.4.4

    system ver
    21.12.40.condor_retaildsds.retaildsdsall.en.03 reteu

  3. Bro…link not working to download to I download the zip file clicking download or download now…plz help me.. I am waiting for lollipop

  4. Hello friend
    I Am talking with Motorola Agent in help
    And I Ask .I Am updating soak test .
    its say when you updated the soak test your warranty will be void…And say soak test update is only Availability for some users by registration. What can I do…help plz

  5. thanks bro it worked installation in progress thanx in advance… ur blog searched many blog bt got satisfied by ur blog thanx again buddy……

  6. thanks bro.. i have updated and its working fine..but i want 2 know that wen the new update will be released by motorola den will i be able to receive official update..?????

  7. After placing zip file in internal and external ….just do a factory reset of ur phone ….after factory reset …..u will get a notification for system update when ur phone will restart …press yes I’m in

  8. i see no update on settings > about phone > update check -_- you wasted my time downloading the 342mb big file.

    • If you have done the steps properly you will definitely get update , make sure you renamed the file properly and copied it to the root directory , after that reboot your phone ,you will get it


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