How To Permanently back up Photos Easily

Article Updated On 10/Oct/2017

The new Google photos app is great for the Android smartphones, and Google has given an option for you to save all your photos on the cloud for free.

You can upload all your photos up to 15 GB for free to Google cloud server, and then always have access to those images using your Android smartphone.

Google has also provided a Windows App which helps you upload all your photos from your PC or laptop to the Google cloud.

You can later access these from your Android Tablet, Smartphone or any Laptop after signing into your google account.

How To Permanently back up Photos Easily

I find it easy to keep the photos safely stored in a cloud server, as saving on the local hard disk can sometimes lead to a loss of photos and videos.

All your trips, wedding photos, your kids first day in the world, your birthday parties and so many memories can go away if your hard disk crash or you lose your laptop.

In the good old days, we use to print all 35 mm Kodak clicked pictures, and used to buy beautiful album covers to decorate the most cherished memories. Now we have the cloud and local storage.

Everything is digital, and print copies of photos don’t exist anymore, and it makes perfect sense to take a triple back up of your pictures, so the probability to lose them is very slim.

What I do to back up my Important Photos

  1. Save it on the computer in drive where OS is not installed
  2. Take a back-up in the 1 TB back up plus external USB drive
  3. Take a cloud back of all the photos

It can be little time consuming and may take a lot of bandwidth to upload the images if you have 1000’s of photographs, but it is worth it to take backup.  And later you will realize how important it is to back up all your images and data appropriately.

How To Permanently back up Photos Easily

Install the Desktop Google Photos App and Start uploading the photos, You can also create a folder on your drive and add all images to back up and then later upload the Folder to Google Drive to take backup of your photos and videos.

Here is a link to Download the Google Photos App for Windows PC Desktop Client.
Google Photos Desktop Client
Google Photos Desktop Client

Here are the settings for the Google Photo Uploader – You can add folders which you need to back up. You have two options, either to upload 15 GB of Full resolution images or upload unlimited photos with high quality but at a reduced file size.

Usually, your images can be 2-5 MB if taken from a DSLR or by a camera with higher MP, so if you have plenty of photos which you wish to upload to cloud, can opt for the free unlimited storage.

It is effortless to upload the photos and then check your pictures on any of your Android Device even on a Windows PC or Laptop.

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