How to purchase Micromax YU Yureka From Amazon Successfully

 This is a personal experience I would like to share for the benefit of the candytech readers. When I was ordering a Micromax Yu Yureka for a family member I was not successful in first sale to buy it. But made sure to get it 100% in next sale.

Upcoming Sale Micromax Yureka

Update- 3 March 2015- The next sale for Micromax Yu Yureka is on 5th March 2015, at 2:00 pm on Amazon India.

Update 13/Mar/2015 – Micromax Yureka will go on sale on on 19th March 2015 at 2:00 PM  Indian Standard time.

The next sale for Micromax Yureka is on 19th Feb 2015. In today’s sale Micromax sold 25,000 units of Yureka in just 5 seconds. The two earlier sales were even quick with 15,000 and 10,000 units getting sold in 2-3 seconds.

In total there are 50,000 Micromax Yureka smartphones sold in last 3 sales. The current price on Olx and Quikr for Micromax Yureka is around 10.5k – 11k.

Coming back to my purchase experience, I planned it a little better this time around. Sale happened today(12-02-2015) @ 2:00 pm IST.

The method I am sharing is applicable for ordering a Lenovo A6000 or a Redmi note 4G in a flash sale or any other smartphone.

I am just listing it down in 6 Simple Steps which will help you.

How to purchase Micromax YU Yureka From Amazon Successfully

Step 1

Register for Micromax Yu Yureka on Amazon Website.I registered from two different accounts to make sure that the chances increase.  Momentarily loss of internet connection or site connectivity failure can cause you to drop out. It is better to register from 2 different Amazon accounts. I registered 4-5 days in advance.

How to purchase Micromax YU Yureka From Amazon Successfully

Register Here For Micromax Yu Yureka

Step 2

On sale day log in 10 minutes before the start of sale into your Amazon account.  I asked a friend to login using the second account which we registered.  I also had the Amazon APP installed on my smartphone. I logged in from both Laptop and APP in the amazon Account.

Step 3

To reach to the purchase page amazon has specified the address as  please use this URL to get the Micromax Yu Yureka.  Copy paste the url in your browser and make sure you are logged in.

Step 4

As the clock count down approached 30 seconds to purchase, I refreshed the page on browser and also was logged on the app with Micromax Yureka page open.

Step 5

As soon as the clock will reach Zero it will show an option to add to cart. You need to add the smartphone to your cart as fast as possible.

I added it to the cart on the Amazon APP and on the laptop simultaneously using the same account.  Surprisingly on the Laptop it showed price as Rs. 12,500 while on the app price was Rs. 8,999.

My friend also was able to add it successfully using the App his browser became unresponsive.

 Step 6

I choose to order from the APP as the price was correct on the APP, price on the laptop browser was high. Next you can easily choose your address and payment options. In my case used the credit card to purchase it and took one minute to do that from the APP.

Lastly it is better if your credit card information is already added to your account, though amazon says you can take 15 minutes to order, but why take a chance.

Here is a diagram you can check out that Amazon has shared on their portal for additional help.

How to purchase Micromax YU Yureka From Amazon Successfully.

How to purchase Micromax YU Yureka From Amazon Successfully

Also Here is my screen shot of Successful purchase 🙂Micromax Yu Yureka Amazon

Best Wishes – Hope You are able to Purchased the Micromax Yu Yureka , Xiaomi Note 4G or Lenovo A6000 quickly and successfully.

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