How to Remove Any Email (Gmail) Account on Android Phone

Originally Written on 27, Nov 2014, updated in 2017

This Quick guide will teach you How to remove any email or Gmail account from your Android phone step by step.

After I got an Android OS update I added a second email account. Moreover, it is my second Gmail account but later on, I wanted to remove it. I tried for several minutes but was unable to do it and then I googled it but relevant was available so I thought of writing this guide.

How to Remove Any Email (Gmail) Account on Any Android Phone

After trying for another 30 minutes found the solution with luck Sharing it below :

Here is a Step By Step Guide on How to Remove Any Email Account on Any Android Phone:

Step 1) First go to the settings not the Google setting but device settings:

email-remove 43

 Step 2).Second, go to the accounts tab and Open it: You will see the display like the one shown below.

Email Remove

Step 3).  Third Go to the Google account, don’t click the email ICONS click the Google account icon, the one below the Facebook Icon, as shown in the above picture. After you click it you will see a screen as shown below.

eemail remove 44

STEP 4 ) Click and Choose the account which you wish to remove in my case see I have chosen the [email protected] account

 Step 5) Next you need to click on the top right corner and you will get there options one is to delete the account and, 2nd cancel Sync and 3rd is for help and feedback. 

You can now click remove the account and that’s it. It is applicable to all devices like Xiaomi, Samsung, Nexus, Pixel, HTC, Sony or any other that has an Android OS version.

I have tested on Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Android Nougat, and Oreo.

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  1. The only thing it shows me at the top right is cancel sync. No 3 dots nothing. Samsung galaxy s4. I can’t remove my fiances account off my phone. There is a delete account option but I’m afraid it will delete his entire account yet I only want the account to be removed off my phone, not gone entirely as it’s his main email and he still uses it. I just don’t need to get his notifications ( I have mine turned on yet even before his account was added I wasn’t receiving any of them) for Emails and Google picasa saying he’s got a new email or that Google picasa needs permission despite declining instead of allowing. It still pops up. I decline decline decline but I STILL see ” permission needed “! HOW DO I GET RID OF HIS ACCOUNT ON MY PHONE?!

    • It is a bit difficult that’s why i wrote this post, first go to setting, then go to accounts, I hope you will see two email accounts. Long Press on the account you need to remove – then you will be taken to the Sync Settings. Now at the top right side, there are 3 Dots, you click that you will get two options Sync now or remove account. Remove account won’t delete your account but just remove it from the device. Try it once, if you are not able to, I may later upload a video for doing it for the benefit of everyone.

  2. Hi,

    It does not give me the option to remove on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I choose the account and it only says sync no menu on the top right?

    Anyone else have the same issue??


  3. Thank you but This does not work for me. My account is set up as a corperate account and I get no option to remove account as above. It only gives me the option to Auto Sync.

    I no longer work for the company it was set up for and I can not remove all the email. .

    Very frustrating!

  4. My exchange account is not listed under settings / accounts /google — it only lists gmail accounts.
    So this doesn’t work for me, where my exchange server isn’t associated with a gmail account.

  5. That was easy to figure out. Try removing a non-Gmail account–now that’s hard! Lollipop sucks: it’s a nonsensical iOS/Windows Phone hybrid. What is wrong with Google?!?

    • Here is the solution Zeflemist

      Go to Settings
      choose the Tab General
      Choose Accounts & go to Google (the blue icon )
      tap on the account you want to remove
      tap on the left lower touch button on your device (the one on the left to the center button )
      choose Remove account

  6. Thank you so much. I was getting frustrated trying to remove exchange. I don’t want it handled by Gmail, it’s stupid. Thank you again.

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