You may have purchased a TV couple of years back like me and suddenly find the need to watch the youtube videos on that 40-inch screen.  I don’t want to spend loads of money to upgrade to the latest smart Tv. Do we have a solution for this, I bet we have many ways to do it.

cat watching TV

There are two easy methods to watch Online Videos on Non-WIFI TV.

Method 1 – Using a Cable

How to watch Online Videos on Non-WIFI TV:

If you want to connect it to the laptop/PC and stream the videos, pictures or games on your TV screens it is fairly easy to do that using a VGA cable or an HDMI cable.

HDMI to HDMI Connect

HDMI Cable
HDMI Cable

You can check your Laptop/PC for an HDMI slot if it has then you can buy this cable which is cheap, fast and reliable to connect the laptop to PC. Most of the PC’s with a graphics card support HDMI output so if you have a gaming PC it is more likely to have an HDMI port.

 VGA to HDMI cable

If your TV has HDMI port but laptop or PC don’t have it then you can purchase a cable like the one shown below to convert the VGA to HDMI and you are good to go.

HDMI to VGA connector
HDMI to VGA connector

VGA to VGA connect

If your TV or laptop lacks the HDMI connectivity. You can buy this VGA to VGA cable and use it to connect the laptop or PC to your TV easily. Check for the VGA port on both your TV and Laptop.  Most of the 2-3-year-old TV’s will have the VGA port in them.

VGA to VGA cable
VGA to VGA cable

Method 2- Without Using a Wire

How to watch Online Videos on Non-WIFI TV:

Connect the non-WIFI TV to you Tablet Smartphone or PC / Laptop Using a WIFI Router and Chromecast

Now if you wish to connect the TV which doesn’t have a WIFI capability to your smartphone/Laptop/PC and cast/display videos or pictures on the TV screen this is also possible.

How to Convert You Old Non-Wifi TV to any WIFI Device like PC/ Laptop or smartphone?

Connecting HDMI enabled non Wifi TV to a Smartphone or Laptop requires you to do some investment but it is totally worth it as you can get rid of the wire mesh and stream every thing super fast using the chromecast and a wifi router.

If you have a TV which is either LCD or an LED with a HDMI port but does not have the option to connect to wifi or 3G/4G network you can still watch you tube videos and on it.

You can buy this Type of WIFI Router – TP Link WIFI Router and configure your PC and Laptop or smartphone to use the internet.

TP Link wireless router
TP Link wireless router

For connecting the TV You will need the Google Chromecast Device :

chromecast device
Google Chromecast

You will need to buy  the Google Chromecast (Price Rs. 3,000) which is a fantastic device which can actually convert your not so smart TV to a really smart internet Zen-Box.

  • The Chromecast works with Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Mac and Chromebooks.
  • You will need a wifi router like this one which you can connect to your PC or laptop or apple or android smartphone and then stream the videos to your TV.
  • You will need a 2 MBPS internet connection if you are serious about not seeing the buffering logo on your TV.

It is ridiculously simple to use the Chromecast if you wish to do it using your android phone or using Google Chrome on your laptop.

For laptop you will need to first download Google chrome and then add chrome extension – Link to chrome extension – Chrome Cast Extension

Watch this Video to learn more – It is really simple. 

If you don’t have an HDMI port on your TV you can still use an HDMI to s video converter box which will cost you more than the Chromecast itself and it is difficult to guess if it will work. If you don’t have HDMI port spending so much will not be prudent.

Now You can become a cool CAT and Watch some online videos on that giant screen 😀

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