HP Budget Windows 10 Mobile to Come With Cortana

HP is rumored to release a Windows 10 powered mid-range smartphone. Backed by Microsoft, HP is working on creating a new device.

Previously, HP released its first premium Windows 10 smartphone – HP Elite X3, which was touted as a three in one device (PC, Tablet, and smartphone). Its functions were focused for business users. However, the device marketing and strategy didn’t make much of difference.

The Windows mobile platform is struggling more than ever before and Microsoft is finding it difficult to stay relevant with Android and iOS dominance.

Bt this time, HP seems to be making a market-friendly device, rather than going for an expensive flagship. But Unlike the Elite X3, HP’s upcoming smartphone may not be as powerful.

The smartphone is rumored to be a mid-range device and expected to include a Snapdragon 600 series processor.HP Budget Windows 10 Mobile to Come With Cortana

There is not much information about the smartphone for now, but it’s likely that Microsoft is going to offer financial backup to HP, for the smartphone production.

Added to this Microsoft will also help HP towards integrating some of the windows phone features like, double tap to wake, clear black display, that were present in the Lumia smartphones.

The new smartphone will run on Windows 10 Mobile OS, and will also have Windows’s voice Assistant feature Cortana. It’s not clear whether the smartphone will support continuum feature. Continuum allows connecting the smartphone to a Monitor and keyboard and acts like a PC.

Windows phones are continually facing a lack of interest, and even Microsoft also doesn’t look so keen to revive the ailing division.

Recently A company named Coship, made a Windows 10 smartphone, the “Moly X1”. They have announced nearly 40 % discount, and now the smartphone is priced at just $179. The sharp price cut reflects the sole purpose of clearing up the stocks.

Way Ahead Windows 10 Phones

While Windows phones seem to be on the verge of extinction, Microsoft announced that the company would continue their support for Windows devices. It is yet not clear if they will release the surface smartphones which are alleged to come in 2017. There were leaks suggesting they could come with Snapdragon 830 and 8 GB RAM. Satya Nadela recently shared that they are going ahead with the surface smartphones.

He said production of the flagship’s test units is in progress, which is being carried out by Pegatron, a company which makes Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft studio devices.

The OEMs including Alcatel, HP, and Acer will also get Microsoft’s co-operation for their windows phones in the future as per a recent report.

This new mid-range device of HP and the long-rumored surface phones were expected to show up at MWC 2017.

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