HP Stream 14 Windows 10 Low Cost Laptop Launched

Updated On: Tuesday, March 6, 2018

HP has tried to take on Chromebooks and the Asus Eeebook with their Stream Laptops with better specs and a new 14 inch model.

HP stream series was launched in 2014 with little internal storage with the support of cloud computing and basic specifications to attract all the entry level laptop buyers who do not use heavy and CPU intensive applications and software and those who are looking for an affordable option which is good enough for surfing, writing and some multimedia entertainment. HP Stream was priced up to 250$ which made it a great success due to its large battery and slim design.

HP Stream 14 Windows 10 Low Cost Laptop Launched

Now the California based company, HP, has decided to launch three different laptops under the Stream series which are HP Stream 11, HP Stream X360 and HP Stream 14. The previous generation HP stream 13 has been discontinued and instead they have upgraded it to the 14 inch model which is the HP Stream 14.

The HP Stream 14 is powered with a more powerful 2016 Celeron processor and a faster 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The internal storage is still a bit less at 32 GB but the RAM has been upgraded to 4 GB. The display size is 14-inch just as the name suggests with an HD Ready 1366×768 display resolution which is a great feature in this price point. It also has USB 3.0 port which is great for those looking for a faster data transfers.

The battery pack is capable of delivering the energy to the device for 10 hours and 45 minutes, which makes it one of the most battery efficient laptop. The HP Stream 14 will start at $219 (around 14,700 INR) when it’s arrived on 7th September in the US.

The other two laptops, namely HP Stream 11 and HP Stream x360 have an 11 inch display. Other than that they have almost similar specs to the HP Stream 14. They have the same 2016 Celeron processor, faster Wi-Fi, 32 GB of internal storage with 4 GB of RAM. Just like the Stream 14 they also have the USB 3.0 port.

The main difference between Stream 11 and the Stream x360 is that Stream X360 comes with a 360 degree hinge just like their previous x360 laptops and the popular Lenovo Yoga series which can be configured into various display configurations for different purposes just like the Lenovo Yoga series.

Though there is no final word about the availability of Stream X360 but it is said to be priced at $250(around 16,700 INR) which is $50 cheaper than its predecessor. It will be launched in select markets in September whereas HP Stream 11 will hit the stores in US on 24 August with a price tag of $200 (13,500 INR approx.). A more secure option with 64 GB storage will also be launched in September which will be called the Stream 11 Pro.

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