Huawei Laptop Have Windows 10 And Android Marshmallow : Upcoming

The Chinese smartphone giant Huawei is reportedly working on a hybrid laptop.  The company had registered a new brand name MateBook, which clearly indicates that they would be launching a new series of Laptop in the coming months. Huawei Laptop Have Windows 10 And Android Marshmallow

A leaked image also shows a large screen tablet with a detachable keyboard and a stylus. The image also hints the tablet will be light weight, and we guess the screen will be around 12 inches.

Huawei Laptop Have Windows 10 And Android Marshmallow

Initial rumors claimed that this device will be running on a dual-boot , Android marshmallow and Windows 10 OS.  This can be great for people looking for a more versatile machine and making it easier to sync work they are doing on their Android smartphone or Android Tablet to the laptop. It will be actually a competitor to the Google Pixel C and the Microsoft surface 4 or the iPad Pro.

There has been attempts by other major manufactures to come with Dual Boot devices, though it has been pushed back by Google.

The actual story is different, Google shows contempt for devices with the Dual-boot set up , even Major players like Samsung and Asus had the dual-boot idea, and none of them were successful.

They tried this kind of product to hit the market, more particularly , Asus’s Transformer book was said to be opposed by Google to postpone it or even stop the production of the dual-boot device.

Samsung also announced a similar device named “Ativ Q ” a year ago, but there are no signs of its arrival in the real world.

Google being the leader in the Mobile platform with its Android OS, thinks that device with Dual-boot setup will pave way for penetration of Windows into more number of mobile devices and will benefit windows hitting on the Android’s market share.

But Microsoft is taking the dual-boot approach as an advantage and trying to compete with Android.

Microsoft has been putting more efforts which are unpleasant for Android, like partnering with Xiaomi and patenting a Multi-Boot technology for smartphones and tablets.

According to the patent, multiple OS will be stored in a single Binary file and can be accessible only by a Multi-Boot loader.

The patent claims some really cool advance features like , the ability to delete the second OS from the boot loader, which seems to be a cunning effort by Microsoft to gain popularity in smartphone market.

But Google won’t allow Microsoft to effortlessly take over Android’s strong hold area, the mobile ecosystem. But we think to have a choice to run both the OS is great from the consumer side as it open up more options and you can use your favorite apps the way you love.

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