Huawei is in more trouble now due to the US sanctions against the company. The latest news as broken by Reuters, and shared by The Verge and even the Engadget confirms that Google has stopped support for Android to Huawei.

As most readers are aware there are sanctions by the US government against Huawei and other Chinese telecom equipment companies. In order to stop them from selling equipment to US carriers. This is the new addition to the growing trade wars between the US and China.

How Do Huawei Suspension Impact Mobile Users

The new blow to Huawei comes from Google as the company has suspended all business with Huawei. The US government has put Huawei on the entity list, which means that any US company cannot have trade with Huawei without government approval.



This is a big issue for global Huawei mobile users who are currently using the Huawei phones bundled with Android software. Further, Huawei can use the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and stops the company from using essential Google Apps and even the play store.

Also, Huawei phones will not get the latest Android security updates until they are available in the AOSP. According to Engadget, new Huawei phones will not have access to Gmail and Playstore which are a crucial part of the eco-system.

What is Ahead For Huawei?

Huawei may appeal in the US to get out of the entity list to ensure that the company continues to sell mobiles without issues. Huawei and ZTE have been under extreme pressure from the American president Donald Trump as being accused of spying on behalf of the Chinese government.

Back in 2018, US intelligence agencies have warned that Huawei and ZTE are working for the Chinese government and are spying using the telecom equipment sold to the US carriers.

However, Huawei has called these allegations false and are without any proof. Also, the company has stated that it is not possible for the Chinese Government to use its equipment for spying.

Huawei is undoubtedly in trouble and is caught in the crossfire between the US and China among the latest row of trade wars. We will update this story once we get more information on the topic.

Here is the official response from Google: Existing users should not worry.

However, Google has not shared anything about the new users are going to buy the Huawei phones in the future. It is still not clear what will happen with the Huawei-Android partnership in the coming months.

This is really a big mess not only for Huawei but also for Google since buyers invested money on Huawei devices and also trusted Google for OS and software when buying the devices.

On the other hand, Google is also helpless, considering the sanctions have come from Donald Trump’s office.

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Source: Engadget


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